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Just like yesterday, today was really fast. I woke up by 5am, as usual, and I started to study. I had my bath after and left the house by 8am. I got to my friend’s place and we both went into the campus. We got to a bank to make some transactions before heading to a friend’s place. Then we checked our past results, ate some food and started going home. We got home just before 12 noon, cooked some food and ate.
Boys can cook

After eating we started to study. We were four by this time - my roommate and two of my friends. We kept getting distracted but we achieved somethings by God’s grace.
Trying to study, again

I actually slept off by past 4pm and woke up by past 5pm. I tried to study again but it didn’t go quite well. By past 6pm, my friends and I decided to go out. We stopped at our class before going to buy ice cream and meat pie by past 7pm. We bought them and ate at love garden on campus.
Let’s eat, again

We met a girl who, as we came to find out, knew my friend’s brother. What a small world. By past 8pm, we stopped at the table tennis stand to play. All work and no play, right? The lights went off by past 9am so we decided to leave.
After the lights went out

One of my friends went to class to read while me and my other friend went home. We met up with my neighbor and we all went home. We got to our different places by about 10pm. I made a post on my town in 10 pics. Then, I ate some dinner at my place and some more at my neighbor’s.

Now I’m listening to music. I will go to bed soon. I have to wake up early to study in the morning. So...
Goodnight Steemit!


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