Steemit Awards nomination for best author, community contributor and community by @awesononso

Hey Everyone! I’m writing this post to make my nominations for the best author, community contributor and community awards. So here we go...

Best author


Although he is a newbie on steemit, @caleb090 has clear potentials in writing. His entry on Steemit Nursery’s escape the island contest was outstanding and impressive too. I believe that with the right support he can achieve a lot on this platform.

Best community contributor


A good leader and an ambitious fellow, @focusnow is a great candidate for this award. His ingenuity has definitely contributed the growth of the steemit blockchain. He is actually the reason a lot of SteemAlive members found steemit. He strives to make sure that members, once recruited, learn as much as possible about the steemit blockchain. With a vision for growth of SteemAlive and the steemit blockchain, he works tirelessly to ensure that members are active and engaging. He is definitely a right pick for this award.

Best community


SteemAlive is a community that started locally in Nigeria but has expanded to other countries in a short time period. With over a thousand subscribers, SteemAliveis a fast growing community with a good number of active members working to bring the community and the steemit blockchain to their greatest heights. It is a product of exceptional teamwork. The community works really hard to ensure that no member is left behind. The LID program and weekly contests keep the members engaged on a regular basis. It is clear that SteemAlive is just right for this award.

Cc: @steemcurator01


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Great post , thank you for the nomination. I actually started by drawing comics at a young age, then I thought, "if I could create stories with pictures, I can also tell those stories without the pictures". I released my first ever body of work in 2017 called "Nocturnal" on wattpad, but never got the chance to finish the novel . I really appreciate you for loving my work and I hope to do more in the future.

04.01.2021 16:03

You’re welcome bro. I wish you success in your endeavors

04.01.2021 16:47