My Town In Ten Pics | Aba, Abia State | Saturday, 16th January, 2021

Let me show you around my town in ten pics. Shall we...

Location one


What3words Location:

This is a mobile stall. The owner sells potatoes, yams, onions, oil, nuts and other things.

Location two


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This is a view of cookies, a popular fast food restaurant and lounge.

Location three


What3words Location:
This is a view of Royalties International Christian School. The art on the wall is a work of the students.

Location four


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This is Ekenna Avenue. It’s one of the quietest streets in aba.

Location five


What3words Location:
This is the front view of the first school I ever attended, Christian Kiddies Academy. The nostalgia is very real.

Location six


What3words Location:
This is a small section of Ahia Umungasi (Umungasi Market). It is a small but busy market in aba.

Location seven


What3words Location:
The side view of Royal, a very popular supermarket in my town.

Location eight


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Truth Lounge is a fancy lounge that isn’t meant for the weak in pockets.

Location nine


What3words Location:
This is a roadside fruit vendor with scrumptious looking fruits and veges.

Location ten


What3words Location:
The side view of D&M Pharmacy, my favorite place to come to buy prescriptions.

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