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Osmo Mobile 3 - 3rd Gen foldable gimbal for smartphones by DJI

Osmo Mobile 3

3rd Gen foldable gimbal for smartphones by DJI


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Hunter's comment

DJI has done it again.

This next iteration of DJI's protable mobile phone gimbal is much nimbler, more flexible, more advanced, smaller, and more importantly, cheaper than its predecessors.

If you've been holding off getting a good phone camera gimbal, this one might just be it.

Comment: While the product has just recently announced, looking at the spec sheet i can give the following comment.

  1. more affordable
    Osmo 1 - $200
    Osmo 2 - $129
    Osmo 3 - $119
    it's clear they are making it more accessible and mass-produced.
  2. Slow Motion is currently only supported by iOS devices.
  3. Foldable - this is huge, makes it easier to pack and transport.

Overall, it's a cool mid-range gimbal to own especially for amateur videographer who wants to use their phone but step up their video game.


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