I found out this "Gamer girl" that sells bath water and I literally cannot

I literally can't make this shit up.

Notorious e-girl Belle Delphine is now peddling jars of used bath water at $30 Dollars a pop to thirsty men all over the world.

Famous for charging her Patreon upwards of $2500 to be her "God", she decided to take things further by giving her gullible fans exactly what they want - sweet Belle Delphine infused H20.


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p>lly consider this abomination.

While I can somewhat empathize to her intention of "doing it for the lulz", one cannot but feel nauseous at the thought that someone is actually selling these kinds of stuff right there on the public internet. Cmon! at least have the decency to keep these things to the dark web amirite?

On a side note, why only accept the Dollar for this dubious product? Even if I'm thirsty for that shower juice, there's no way in hell I'll leave such a paper trail on my cards. Now if she accepts bitcoin... that's a different story.

The $30 jar of bath water.

On her online store, she claims that the bath water to be "Bottled while I'm playing in the bath ^-^ " and that the "water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes. " It is currently listed as "out of stock". I wonder how many baths will she need to take in order to fill the order backlogs.

Is she a worship-seeking degenerate, or simply an entrepreneurial hustler? I have no answer for that.

Apparently, she even made fun of her fans over the stunt. Asking her gamer boys to reflect on the "generation they are living in". Well, that is free-market economy at work isn't it?

I can't tell if she is self-loathing or proud..

"Digital Influand no batGrammar multiReplace" id="86" data-gr-id="86">no bath water from her. Eww to that!

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Male pattern madness.

03.07.2019 16:10

I literally cannot find the appeal of this belle delphine. As ironic as it sounds, seeing thirsty bois' obsession towards her is driving me nuts!

03.07.2019 16:17

The same guys are probably throwing money at hundreds of other girls, desperately craving some kind of response. Honestly I can't blame girls who cash in on it.

03.07.2019 16:21