Eurobeat Remixes - So hot right now

Eurobeats, remember those?

When Initial D racing in arcades was cool and good "license" card can fetch good money... You Fortnite kids never knew what real fun was.

Anyways, I've been to the weird part of Youtube again and this time I actually ended finding something that don't make me wanna kill myself.

What this music producer is doing is nothing short of genius. Putting an eurobeat spin to songs we all hold dear to our hearts.

Just take a listen!

The man behind this masterpiece goes by the online alias of Turbo Autism.

He has about less than 60 thousand subscribers on his youtube channel. I REALLY HIGHLY recomment you subscribe to his stuff because those music will brighten up your day (or 2am).

Mr. Turbo has a Patreon page and it's clear that people are actually supporting what he does.

The dude has like over 60 remixes done at the time of this post, it doesn't look like he's stopping any time soon.

My favorite remix has got to be one that spells "When you have to prevent Third Impact at 3, but deliver tofu at 4"

Look, I get it if your music taste consists of whatever it is on the Top 40 charts. But I really recommend you take a listen to just about any of the Eurobeat remix in his channel.

And then maybe thank me later?

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