Don't Shake before photos! 😂

I almost ruined the photo. I forgot the order. Photo first, then shake, then enjoy it.

Oh, I was wrong. You weren't suppose to shake it. You were supposed to stir it or else it will spill through the hole.

I don't know. I'm not used to this. Someone please teach me how to do it 😅

Do you like bubble tea? I usually go for brown sugar pearl milk tea. But this one is called brown sugar bubble pearl milk tea. It tastes less sweet. More milk than tea maybe.

But wait. I forgot that I can't drink milk. Well, we'll see what will happen later 😂

I like this kind of cafes. It usually looks clean and minimalistic. But it's too bright for my looking. Oh and BTW I'm falling into an obsession of watching ASMR video or Cafe Vlogs where it's just the sound of ice poured into the cups, drinks poured onto the ice and the sound of stirring. I found it quite satisfying.

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