Mistakes Were Made....

I think, I believe
A mistake we all seem to make
Is trusting ourselves.

Intertwining my body, life, soul
With the fire and cold
Scorching myself more than I burn others.

Slowly reaching out toward you, happiness.

I reach out the fires of myself
Only met with cold, voided, emptiness.

Screaming is ceased by leaving and pushing
One foot in front of the other
Mine or yours?

Every step only quiets my will.
I burn within myself, wrapped up in the cold.

My walls aren't built sturdy
Nor were they meant to hold even me.

How do I miss what's been gone for years?
Voided of even myself.
That's why he took the steps to push me out,
That's why the deafening echoes have ceased;
They know I won't try to leave.

I burn quietly as his cold steps continue to push me.

I think, I believe
A mistake he seemed to make
Is loving me.



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