My Brother's Journey - The Beauty Of Iceland - Adventure To Grimudalur, Iceland.

Hello there my amazing Steemian friends. Just recently I posted a post with some amazing photos of Iceland. It is truly a beautiful country. And, I thought those photos were amazing. I mean they are, but these new photos my brother sent me are another level of beautiful. He visited Grimadalur with two of his friends. Now I tried to find some information about it but when I tried to use google maps to see where its located you can't even find it on google maps. lol All I know is that people like to go for a hike there and the pictures and videos my brother sent me explained why? So let me show why...

The Beauty Of Iceland.

All I could find out about it was that it was near the city called Dalvik which was about 37km away from the Akureyri where my brother lives now. He went there with two of his friends who are living with him in a shared house. My brother told me it took them about 35 minutes to get there. They all work and live together and seems to go on adventures together. My brother took some pictures of their road trip to Grimudalur.

Taking A Hike

It seemed like they had to take a little hike to get to the place they wanted to see. And, of course, that meant they had to take some selfies while walking. I mean we all have to give in to our selfie disorder every once in a while. If we did not do that what would be the point of owning a phone? lol I mean besides calling somebody to tell them you took some selfies?

Grimudalur, Iceland

I was surprised in the last post about how green it is really was. I mean you would think just on the basis of the name Iceland you would expect more ice. lol Well, I was pleasantly surprised how green it was in my last post, but these pictures I am about to share with you guys showed me just how much the name Iceland goes with

I don't know about you but as soon as I saw these first two pictures I was stunned. Ice really does not describe Iceland at all. I absolutely loved this huge green pastures with a river flowing through the middle of them. It was not at all what I expected to see in the country with ice being the first 3 letters of its name. lol Assumptions are tricky to say at least.


There is one thing I absolutely love more than any of these amazing pictures my brother sent me? And, that is how happy my brother looks in all of his photos. I mean when someone is truly happy you can see it in the photos. I could sense that he is happy when we talk, but some of these photos really capture how happy he is. I am incredibly happy he is happy and has finally found his peace. Even though he is a long way from home.

To say at least, he is working hard, but enjoying life at the same time. I keep imagining how fresh the air is it over there with all of this untouched nature. The way we are polluting this planet soon fresh air will become a luxury. I hope we really do change our ways before that happens. Nikola keeps telling me it is even more beautiful to witness all of this in person. And, I am sure it is. Soon they arrived at a little wooden bridge and it was time to take a little rest and snap some more photos.

This is the place where his friend showed how flexible she is. She must have been doing some yoga no doubt in my mind. I practice yoga as well, but I think I would fall on my nose trying to do some these poses for the photo. lol I can already see myself trying to do it, falling down on my nose, and rolling into the river. O yeah, and pulling my hamstring. lol Hats off to his very flexible friend.

Saving The Best For Last

I honestly thought it can not get much better than what I have already seen so far. I was impressed already to say at least. But, then I saw some more photos which literally left me stunned. This place is full of little gorgeous waterfalls coming down from the hills. I mean this is nature at its best. Simply amazing. I think you will agree with me.

You would think this was the best of it all until I got the final photo. A simply stunning shot of the entire area where the lake connects with the Atlantic ocean. This place is truly an amazing piece of nature. I always say God is our greatest artist and nature are his greatest pieces of "art." Nothing can compare to his work.

Final Words

What to say really, my amazing Steemian friends? I am just incredibly thankful my brother has found his way in life and that he is happy. He truly deserves it. Iceland is a beautiful country and I can't wait to see more photos from my brother in the future. Not to mention I am happy to share it with you guys as well. I am sure he has only scratched the surface with exploring Iceland. But, from what we are seeing from these photos we are in for a treat in the future posts. I strongly advise you to check out a short video I made of his little adventure to Grimudalur. It will bring you even close to its beauty.

Thank you all for reading and watching, have a blessed day, much love,

dbjegovic 💕 💞 💓




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Hi awakentolife,

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09.08.2019 01:47

This looks like a very different Iceland that I've seen on photos so far. I don't remember if any of them were so green like these ones. I didn't know that Iceland has so many faces.

It looks like your brother had a great time :) It's a pity you were not there to join them too :)

Have a lovely weekend!

09.08.2019 07:23

I think it all depends on which time of the year is it over there. Since they have periods where it likes everywhere else when it comes to the times of the year. And, then they have periods of only nights and only daylights for longer periods of time. At least that is how my brother explained it to me.

But, just like you, I was also surprised how green is it over there. I did not expect huge green pastures with beautiful streams running through the middle of them. I did not expect that at all. It looks gorgeous.

Well, we are originally from Croatia and my brother went there for work, but it seems to me he is liking it so much he might stay for good. I will for sure go to visit him soon and see it for myself as well. :)

Thank you for an amazing comment @delishtreats. Have a blessed day. :)

09.08.2019 16:26

the trip had to have been amazing, I love to see these kinds of photos are beautiful

09.08.2019 14:28

Thank you Sara. I loved to see these photos as well. It is great my brother decided to send them to me so we can all enjoy them. 😀

09.08.2019 16:36

ehy dear @awakentolife, these photos are wonderful! you're right when you say that nature is the most beautiful work of art in the world :-)) we must learn to enjoy it more, and not exploit it as we are doing. I think that in Iceland they have a lot of respect for the land in which they live. So your brother moved there for work? nice, so you can go and visit it and visit this northern Iceland !! it is true that it is strange to see it so green, but that these photos were taken in season? thanks for sharing and greetings to your brother !!

09.08.2019 22:24

@road2horizon we sure do need to respect it and enjoy it more.

My brother tells me they grow their own food mostly. And that it tastes amazing. Just like from our moms garden actually.

Yes, he went there for work, but I feel he will stay there to live as well. He is really enjoying himself so far.

And, yes, I will go for a visit sooner than later. Now it is normal season there. Normal day and night cycle but I think soon the periods of only sun or only dark is coming. But he will get use to that.

Thank you for such an amazing comment. Have a blessed day. 😀

11.08.2019 15:53

I envy you a lot !! but sooner or later we too will make this journey !! and I am so curious to experience the cold, dark winter (who knows if it is so difficult to get used to what they say?) and the mythical northern lights ... truly a dream !!

11.08.2019 22:14

Well, you should go for a visit. I am sure it is a beautiful place to visit as you can see in the pictures. I will one of these days as well. It is cold over there in some periods but I am sure it is not that big of a deal. Our bodies can get used to anything pretty much any conditions.

And, yes, I am waiting for him to witness Northern Lights and send me some pictures. I will share it here as soon as I get them. :)

13.08.2019 17:10

Looks a beautiful country =D one place that is on my list

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10.08.2019 08:01

It really seems like a beautiful country. One day I will go and visit my brother and see it for myself as well. 😀

11.08.2019 15:45

I'm so jelly now seeing all these! Lol! Looking like one of the best adventures out there :)

10.08.2019 15:24

It's just a great trip! This is proved by your brother's smiling and happy face :)). These photos broke my idea of Iceland. So many greenery, clean rivers and it seems that I could imagine what there is fresh air. Thank you, @awakentolife, for the interesting post and for sharing these photos with us. I wish You a pleasant weekend!

10.08.2019 15:46

Well, these photos broke mi idea of Iceland as well. I did not expect this much greenery in Iceland at all.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving ng such a great comment. Have an amazing day. 😀

11.08.2019 15:41

WOw what amazing scenery hiking there must be such an exhilarating experience and WOW those waterfalls are so beautiful

10.08.2019 23:27

It really is a beautiful country, my friend. I was really surprised with the pictures I got from my brother and I had to share them with you guys. 😀

11.08.2019 15:39

I am glad you shared them I have heard so much about it and it was on my Wish list of places to visit but i never made it there, so I get to see it through your post ;)

11.08.2019 15:44

I will keep sharing whenever he sends me down pictures of beautiful places like this. So we can both enjoy it. 😀

11.08.2019 16:23

Cool and do tell him he has to catch the Northern Lights I have heard they are amazing

11.08.2019 23:44

He tried already once to go and see them but Northern LIghts were a no show. Hopefully, next time he goes they decide to show up so he can take some pictures and share it with us. :)

13.08.2019 17:01

Apparently thats one of the bets places inthe world to see them but there not reliable I am sure he willl catch them sometime :)

13.08.2019 17:37

These pictures only make me want to go back!!!

I will go back to Iceland, but, probably not until next year before their season of darkness, although that is a most beautiful time, just different and the light is magical. Even in the middle of December, there will only be 5 hours of light at best. Sunrise is around eleven am and sunset probably three or four. Different, but, he will get used to it.

The scenery he sent you was amazing and yes!!! Bless his heart, he looks so pleased and happy. I know how much it means to you that he is happy. I can actually see it in his eyes.

Praise God for sending such a beautiful life on him, and I am happy for your entire family, even though it probably makes your parents sad to be without him.

He is a great photographer! Thank you again!! I love this story!


12.08.2019 00:34

He truly does look happy and peaceful. Plus enjoying himself. I am sure he will get used to it all. Like you said there is beauty in everything. So I am sure there will in the "dark" periods as well.

Well, our parents finally almost got rid of us all. lol jk It is time for some time alone for them. :)

13.08.2019 17:08
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12.08.2019 00:35

Are you sure this is not a Greenland? Just kidding, lol. Absolutely breathtaking, place literary, because I feel the fresh air trough the screen. Your brother is so happy and and I love the photos of that girl. She is very graceful. Well, they all must of have experience of the lifetime for sure...............only you are missing Durko!

12.08.2019 17:10

hahaha it must be GREENland right? lol

Well, I was already talking to him about visiting him. Maybe even joining him for work. But, we will see what the future has in store for me. :)

13.08.2019 17:05