🔨👷My Life's Journey - Continuing On The Rebuilding Of My House Which Was Ravaged By War 23 Years Ago. Bathroom Renovations Part 4.👷🔨


Part IV - Learning As I Go Along

Another amazing day here in Croatia my amazing Steemians. The sun is shining with a little breeze of wind to make us not notice how hot is it outside. I honestly do not remember when it was this hot at this time of the year here in Croatia. This weather is going crazy. But, the Adriatic sea is also more than warm to hit the beach. So I forgive you weather for being crazy. hehe It is good I am actually finished my bathroom before the summer hot temperatures start because it would be twice as hard to work. I am finished, but there is so much material to share with you guys it will take me at least 2 more posts to come to the final big REVEAL post. So bare with me guys. We are close to the end...

For those of you catching up just now here are the 1st,
2nd, and 3rd post about it.

The Rough Part Is Over

So what do I mean by "rough" part is over? Well, it means no more breaking of the stuff and carrying it to the dumpster. No more taking down of the tiles and drilling with the jackhammer. Now after the plumbing is set, and the new floor and the walls are done it is time to start putting down the new tiles finally. lol Finally it is time to make it look pretty. lol After this much hard work it was so nice to see bathroom finally starting to shape up to what is going to look in the end.

You know where I "wasted" the most time guys? It was not actually on working but rather on picking the combination of the tiles we will use for our new bathroom. My dad wanted the cheapest, my brother wanted the perfect ones, and I wanted to find the balance between the both. Good price and good looking was my goal. We spent about 4-5 hours picking the tiles until I finally just said we are taking these and that is it. I stopped caring about the price and just took what we all liked. Some liked it little, some little less, but no one disliked them. So I just took them and ran to the cash register so no has time to change their mind. lol I had enough. We ended up picking the black, and white combination for our bathroom. With special ones for the place where the new shower will go. My advice to you guys is to not take to many people when you are choosing to buy tiles. Too many opinions guys. Just too many opinions.. Trust me TOO MANY. lol


The "Crazy" brother Nikola. You would love being around him, people. He is a positive, happy, and good-hearted person. @dreemsteem will meet him next summer when she visits Croatia. :)

The New Tiles

Ok, let's get into new tiles guys. Like I told you before I am a complete amateur at all of this. I can carry stuff, break stuff down, and I can learn what I can't do. I am actually a fast learner. That is when I choose to actually listen. lol So I have no idea about setting new tiles and my dad, and brother has experience with it. So I watched them do it and watched them set the first batch of new tiles. Here are some main points about tile setting for you guys:

  • The first tile is most important. It has to in level. Remember the leveling machine we used in the last post? @crazybgadventure calls it the "SPIRIT" level.
  • It is important to set it perfect level because it will a reference for all the rest of your tiles. If you get the first one wrong then all the rest will not be in the right position.
  • Be patient, and detailed. If you get tired take a break. If you want to have this done the right way do not hurry anywhere. TAKE YOUR TIME.

So my brother and my father started to set our new tiles. One mistake you should never do is set the floor tiles first, and then the ones up the wall. I will explain why later... My dad was getting tired of all the work so far and from going to the caffer bar to use the toilet. So he wanted to put floor tiles first in order to place the new toilet in place faster. We ignored all of the advice from experts. And, it did cost us in a long run... Anyways my brother and dad started with me learning on how to do it...


After first 10 tiles were in place my brother's girlfriend came for a visit as well. Oh, yes, I mean his future wife now. They got engaged two months ago. I am really happy for them. Well, I was happy about it, but when she saw Nikola working she was not happy at all. lol My brother had back surgery recently and should off not been doing anything, but I could not stop him. My brother is little stubborn a little bit sometimes. The very next day his "boss" took him home so she can keep an eye on him. And, she was right to do so. He should off not been doing anything. But, his desire to help out overpowered the doctor's recommendation. He enjoyed helping us and he wanted to be part of all of this. He helped me tremendously with another side project we started. I will write about it in my future posts. So the rest of the tile setting was back up to my dad and me.


Ok, let me rephrase that it was up to me as you can see from the picture above. lol My dad really did work too much in the past week or so until we got to this point. He was tired and needed a lot of rest. I have listened carefully to my brother and my dad about tile setting and it was not up to me to continue the work. So I did. Here I come...lol


"Don't worry about the thing, every little thing is going to be alright..."

Amateur Taking Over

Here I come a complete amateur, setting tiles for the first time in my life. This is a little joke with the doors we do. Where you pretend you have so much muscle and you are too wide to pass through the door normally. So you have to go sideways. lol Well, the reality is different. I need to go back to the weight room. lol

There is really not much to setting tiles, guys. You mix the tile glue first and you start working. The only way to learn is to DO IT. If you make mistake, go back, and fix it. Just as in life.

"Mistakes are just pointers to the areas of our life we need to improve in order to succeed."

So that is exactly what I did, my friends. Once I would glue the new tile to the floor I would use the "spirit" level to make sure they are even on the top, middle, and bottom part of the new tile. Remember it has to be even on all sides as new tiles will connect on that tile. Take you TIME. I kept learning as I go along and soon I got a hang of it and made some progress.


Since we did not really have designed how it all will look. At first, we wanted the entire floor black, but I came to an idea to make a little island in the middle from the leftover shower tiles we had. My dad actually did not like it as now it will take more time to cut the tiles around it instead of just placing entire black tiles. Like I said in my previous posts he is more let just make it functional, and I am more let's make it functional and nice at the same time type of a guy. Plus it was perfect. I had exactly 6 tiles left from the shower area to make this. Coincidence? I think not... lol My dad just thought I was crazy and inhaled too much dust from all the tile cutting. lol Anyways I kept progressing, and I kept learning as I go along...


As my dad was resting I needed to figure out how to cut the tiles by myself. So I used bricks to hold my tiles in place and used tile grinder or cutter to cut them into shapes and sizes I needed. That is another thing I was doing for the first time in my life. I learned to do so many things while doing this renovation. It just takes steady hands, and PATIENCE really guys. Anyone can do it. Anyone can set tiles and all of this. I am sure of it. Anyways, this was my workstation in front of our house.


The Return Of The Kings Throne

The moment my dad waited with anticipation has finally arrived I have put enough tiles so the "Throne" can go back to its place. My dad was so tired of going to the Caffe bar to go to the toilet. As soon as he saw I placed enough tiles he took the new toilet and started running to put it in its place. lol Imagine him running the green fields with the toilet in his hands jumping like a ballerina on this toes.. lol I think this picture will explain everything to you...lolol


The Happy Face... lol Priceless..

After my dad "Throne" was back I continued work with my dad helping as much as he could. He really did get tired and needed to take more breaks. He overdid it for his age no doubt. But, that is what the son is for. For "slave" work.. lol jk I enjoyed doing it really. I turned on some music and kept working throughout the next few days. It was not a hard work but it takes time. Me being a very detailed guy everything had to be leveled almost perfectly. It is a curse I tell you...But, now knowing how it all turned out it was all worth it. So the days went by, and I progressed each day. I was honestly working guys from 9 am until 7 pm every day. I kid you not. I am showing you work which took me days to get to this point.




You can see now partially how it will all look when all the tiles are put in place, but we were not done. It took about 4-5 days of work to get to this point from the setting of the first tile. From this point on it was all about details work. To make it all look pretty as they would say. It is simple to work, but it took time to finish. I see this post is getting long again, so I will cut it short here and continue sharing my journey of rebuilding my bathroom after the war in the next post. I will tell you about how I made a special tile with the tile grinder. I became a professional with it. lol And, this little bathroom of ours really deserved a nice little special tile...

Thank you all for reading, have an amazing day, much love,

dbjegovic 💕 💞 💓




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