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3x3 Fiba Basketball Tournament

**Drnis, Croatia


Hi there, my amazing Stemian friends. Yesterday in my hometown I watched a great 3x3 tournament in basketball. I am not sure if you have been following much about it. But, in the last 5 years, 3x3 basketball had grown exponentially across Europe and the World. It has grown so much that it will become an Olympic sport in 2020. And, that is a big deal. It has become a professional sport and some of the biggest tournaments all across Europe have some great cash prizes. It is a truly "new" way of playing baketball.

What do I mean by "new" way? Well, it is played with very particular rules. The games a very intense, high paced, and very physical. It is honestly way more physical than today's NBA or Euroleague as the referee's sometimes are allowing really hard contact. I mean like back in the days when The Bad Boys of Detroit would beat up on Michael Jordan. It is not by any means for everybody. You have to ready to receive some beating and give some as well. It is played by a very unique set of rules you have follow.

Here arere some bac rules:

basksket on 1 half-court

2 teams of 3 players and up to 1 substitute per team

12-seconds shot-clock

1st team to reach 21 points or best after 10 mines win

You alwaways have to take the ball outside the 3 point line when the opponent shots. And, 12 seconds shot-clock make it a high paced game. You have to be in great condition so you can keep up the pace. Teams have to be great both offensiveland defensively. There are many more other rules, but unless you are going try and play this type of basketball it is not really important to know. ThThere is actually a lot of tactics which goes with playing this type of basketball. It is much different than 5X5 basketball. And, it takes time and great effort to build a great team which can compete in the biggest tonaments.

I visiteted the tournament in my city which had some great teams participating. Including former 2nd team in the world. In the group stages, the quality of basketball was not the greatest as it is an open registration tournament and anyone can register a team. But as the group stages finished only the best teams were left and the competition has gotten a lot better. I have made a highlight video for you guys, so you can check out the future Olympic sport. Many teams in this tournament have professional players on their teams. The players who play professional basketball acr Europe.

The tourournament was full of great moves and highlights and hope you guys enjoy my not so professional editing skills. lol I tried my best to bring you guys a bit closer to the new style of playing basketball which has become very popular in recent years. I was supposed to play in the tournament, but I am currently recovering from an injury from my previous basketball season in Italy. Soon I should back playing the sport I love. Let me know what do you thibout it?

hank ank you all for watching, have a blessed day,



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Comments 5

WOW that does seem such an exciting variant to the game thanks for sharing the info and video

17.07.2019 22:50

You are more than welcome, my friend. It sure is a whole new way of playing basketball. It is way more physical than regular basketball.

And, it has gotten so big across Europe it will become and Olympic sport in 2020. And, that is exciting to say at least.

19.07.2019 11:30

That does sound exciting its like 7 a side rugby is so much faster than 15 a side

Have a great weekend

19.07.2019 22:38

I sort of forget that 3 on 3 is 'new' to the rest of the world. The biggest tourney in the world is in Spokane, Wa. The last weekend of June.

It started in 1989. The only reason I know that is cause I played in '91, the year I turned 40 with some friends that had already made that age group. They are rocking the 'goldens' now. (No more age group distinction once you turn 70. You enter the 'golden' designation :)

I probably played in 8 or 10 events before I moved to Arizona...

It's a lot of fun, it really is. At the Highest levels it's amazing.

20.07.2019 11:51

Yes, well it is not new here either but in recent years it has taken world proportions. And, it has become a professional sport just like 5x5 basketball.

I had no idea you were a baller my friend. That is great to hear my friend. And, yes, it is truly a great sport. Heck it has been my guide for 23 years now. Since I was 7 year old kid. 😀

This way of basketball is a lot more physical than 5x5 and you really need to be in a great physical shape to play it at the highest level. And, soon we are going to be seeing it as an Olympic sport. Which a great deal.

22.07.2019 08:33