What will happen after avengers : Endgame

Most of the people would be thinking ,what will happen after avengers:Endgame ,will the world inside the marvel universe will end .The reality is from my side the answer will be ‘no’.

After Avengers:Endgame ,the real buissness will start from the marvel side ,as it is going to introduce itself/ the six movies is in the line to entertain its fan. Those movies are

1)Spiderman:far from home
2)Black widow
3)The eternals
4)Black panther 2
5)Doctor strange 2

                1)  Spiderman:far from home 

It expected the collection ,that we saw {spiderman:homecoming} amount of money that it received which was 88.02crores usd .
And hence marvel came up with Spiderman:far from home ,with a starcast of our only tom holland as peter parker, Jack Gyllenhaal as Mysterio, Zendaya as Michelle, Marisa Tomei as Mary Parker and Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury.

Preview of the film :

Still Stan lee went against the idea and it became ‘highest sold comic books of marvel in its first issues’. Peter Parkers relaxing on his european Vacation taken by surprise when nick fury shows up in his hotel rooms .Parker finds himself in the spiderman suit to help fury stop the evil mysterio from wreaking havoc across the continent.

Top facts related to spiderman
a) In the Infinity war,the iron spider suit that was worn by the spiderman it liked so much that once he said in a comic Book “There is no word which can define Iron Spider Suit ,How cool it is.”

b)Everyone knows how much J Jonah Jameson hate spiderman .I will you tell : As spiderman wear mask he hates that thing as because the time Jameson was married also after some days his wife was killed by some criminals , who were wearing mask .So after that day Jameson started Hating people who were mask and apart from that spiderman wear mask because he dont want his enemies to know how much he is scared .

c)Spiderman is not worthy as because he cant kill anybody ,but on the side spiderman 2099 is worthy .

d)Deadpool always send gifts to spiderman on every occassions let it be a big event like Birhday of spiderman or a small event .There bromance is famous in comicbook.

e)Spiderman senses are strong enough the time you will click the trigger of the gun , he will come to know about it with the help of senses and after that he will seal the bullet before coming out of the gun .

f)In 2004 marvel launched a special edition on india which had four issues of a series in which the name of peter parker was pavitra prabhkar,marry jane as mera jain and Aunt may as aunt maya as it was based on INDIA CONTEXT.

g)Everyone knows how much spiderman is loved by everybody in the whole but its biggest fan was Michale Jackson ,he was so much in love ,once he tried to buy the marvel universe for it .In which he failed.

h)Once spiderman defeated hulk,just by saying a joke in front of him .He laughed so much during that state he directly transformed to bruce wayne .On another occassion he also knocked out hulk with one punch .

i)Once identify of peter parker was exposed by dr.Octopus ,but nobody took it seriously as there were thing a weak, a loser like peter parker cant be a spiderman.

j)Nobody like the idea of spiderman in the office as they thought
Nobody likes a spider
Nobody will appreciate a teenage hero.

2) BLACK WIDOW : 2020
While it doesn’t yet have a target release date,one of the upcoming HCU films is THE BLACK WIDOW . There aren’t a lot of details about the project at this point .
But this is what we do know. According to production weekly,the films working title is blue BAYOU and production is set to begin in June 2019.

The story of black widow

Satasha Romanrov aka black widow is a very strong character in the marvel universe after coming into so many marvel movies, she will also now enjoy a movie just for herself.
We are expecting in the movie that they are going to show the origin of black widow just the way marvel did with the characters like Captian america , Iron man , Black panther etc.

So today i will tell you the origins of the movies :-

She was born in Russia, but unfortunately in a nazi attack,she lost her parents and then she became a orphange,but in that time she got saved by a soviet union man Ivan petrovich bezukhov.And then he takes care of her of Black widow like a daughter.

As Black widow is good in studies as well as in sports,she gets kidnapped by a man named Barren wat txker who was a member of nazi party and then offer her the ‘hand’ so that she can become a assasin like them.

This is the same ‘hand’ which we have seen in ‘daredevil’, ‘Iron fist’, and ‘defender’. After that she is saved by Captain america and wolverine from the group and then hand her over to Ivan petrovich.

Then Ivan petrovich admit her to the soviet union ‘program’ where just like her there are 27 more orphans who are given training of fighting skills and martials arts.During that programme they are also given a ‘anti agging’ syrup. So that she can’t become old and get the power of ‘healing factor’.

As it was a secret programme,everything was erased in her memory.And she was given fake memories, in which she thinks that she used to be dancer and was doing ‘balle’. This is what we have seen in the film ‘age of ultron’ which was a small seen.

As the soviet union government was scared of their own programme of ‘Black widow’ so they find way of using a scent which will ensure them, that no one from the Black widow team can do any harm in future.

As Natasha impressed the officials in her programme the most so she was send on a mission all alone to kill Antan wankoh and Tony stark as a russian specialist agent.To have information of their experiment , in this mission she got succeded to kill Antan wankho, she started living as a undercover with tony stark.

During this period she sends a lot of information to the russian for the experiment of T.S and in the same period meets hawkeye.

After some time tony comes to know all about natahsa and then when the russian government comes to know that natasha’s secret is all open ,they try to kill her but she get saved by hawkeye.

So afterwards she gets saved by nick fury,as he asks the soviet union to leave her and in turn she has to work for ‘The shield’.

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