Mancity Devour Watford City at the Etihad


It really has been a long time since we last saw a team scoring a total of 8 goals in the English premier league. If my memory is very correct, there hasn’t been another high scoring game of that number since Manchester United thrashed Arsenal by 8 goals to 2 under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger.

This total drubbing and annihilation by Manchester City is seen by many as a response to their defeat to Norwich last weekend. A defeat in reality, no one saw coming. Guardiola’s players known mostly for winning surprisingly lost to a team that arrived EPL from relegation zone. It is true that the City team are currently having a defensive problem but it didn’t stop them from responding in brilliant fashion after the defeat and sending a message to other teams that they still remain formidable.

This defeat against Watford is simply unacceptable and worthy of sanctioning of the players. Conceding 5 goals in 20 minutes is simply inexcusable for a team in the top flight not minding they went up against a highly motivated and well oiled Manchester City team.

This win proves Manchester City is still very much in full contention for the title and hasn’t lost their rhythm a bit.


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Manchester City really surprised me they are just like Lion among the midst of Chickens

21.09.2019 19:45

No one saw it coming. 5 goals under 20 minutes. Like they were playing against a group of little lads.

21.09.2019 20:19

I watched until it was 5-0. Watford had a chance to score a goal after MC's first goal, missed it and paid for it.

21.09.2019 19:53

Oh! Poor luck they had there.

21.09.2019 20:20

No it wasn't poor luck, it was poor definition.

22.09.2019 14:16

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25.09.2019 20:04