My SMT Testnet witness is back online! (+ Appealing for votes)

It's aliiive and producing blocks again now in position #14 on the testnet :)

However ... Despite the great testnet setup guide from howo trending recently I'm kinda dissapointed to see that it's literally only @drakos and myself (outside of Steemit Inc) producing blocks on the latest testnet.

A few earlier versions of the testnet, had some issues that crashed the network.

These issues have now been resolved, and testing has resumed using git branch 20200203-testnet , and chain-id 98b69bd7cbe4d27864e2f06d9f74ba50aed0b7f511436ef9c7b80f36f3ff5859

I'm writing this both to hopefully remind/encourage/guilt more witness participation , and to awkwardly shill my own witness since I dropped to rank 21 a few days ago :(

Why to vote ausbitbank for witness

  • I'm in this for the long term, I've been a stakeholder since 2016 and a witness since 2017
  • Through this time I've coded tools, patches, built communities and supported countless projects (at times with up to 800k SP in delegations)
  • I'm the co-founder of the Minnow Support Project / @minnowsupport / PAL - And I'm currently working on a slick #palnet mobile app with @msp-waves integration.
  • I'm "minister of finance" for #teamaustralia , a community of aussies - I personally manually curate quality posts via @centerlink, I've organised fundraisers, funded community events and tried to help grow the aussie steem community for years.
  • I'm the main sponsor and developer for @sonicgroovelive - A weekly music competition within sonic groove tribe on the steem blockchain with liquid prizes in both STEEM and SONIC. I've developed internal tools for judges and will eventually be releasing a polished version aimed towards music creators and consumers outside of Steem.
  • I'm also a large stakeholder and curator of tribes: palnet, sonicgroove and creativecoin and more
  • I'm one of the only people producing on the SMT testnet (you want this to have as much testing as possible before we hardfork)
  • I have years of experience, backup witness nodes in several countries, as well as a public seed node and hivemind api service. I ran a widely used public RPC node for years (now suspended) and plan to resume public rpc node services once Steem prices recover.
  • I'm passionate about Steem, and I'm protective of what we have built here. I will not knowingly endanger the network, your funds or your content.

How to vote ausbitbank for witness

You can vote at - just scroll down for ausbitbank around position #21, and click upvote.

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11.02.2020 16:20

I have no clear understanding about SMTs @ausbitbank but it really sounded a good news :D
Keep it up Sir.

11.02.2020 16:24

Great to hear issues were resolved, must be honest in saying stuck with both even after noticing the dip, sometimes it's good to go with gut feeling noted your work is off independent from Steemit Inc.

Keep up the good work! Thanks for feedback, always appreciated from Witnesses.

@tipu curate

11.02.2020 16:36
11.02.2020 16:37


11.02.2020 23:00
  • Can you explain what your Hivemind API Service is?

I am part of a group building a Steem-based DAPP here in the Philippines and I want to tell our team about it but I'd like to tell the developers what it is as opposed to having to ask them.

11.02.2020 16:45

It's a REST API implementation using this software from @emrebeyler , serving up data from a hivemind database for use by Steem DAPPs .

This link shows the documentation for the Tower/Hivemind API service for more specific info on how to use it

11.02.2020 16:54

Thank you @ausbitbank.

I will share your service with our developers this Friday.

Thank you for doing good work for the Steem blockchain 😊

12.02.2020 20:44

Voted already

11.02.2020 16:47

Thx for the support

11.02.2020 17:16

You are Always welcome Dear

11.02.2020 17:45

I'm assuming that this is the same as regular witness voting- if it's not let me know so I can give you a vote. I also gave @drakos a vote.

11.02.2020 17:02

It is, thankyou for your support :)

11.02.2020 17:16

It's the least I could do for all the support you've given me over the years!

11.02.2020 20:59

Will check if I'm voting on you with all my accounts ;) thank you for your work!

11.02.2020 17:10

Thanks :)

11.02.2020 17:16

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11.02.2020 17:26

If this is going to be favorable, then I'm giving my vote

11.02.2020 19:05

If this is going
To be favorable, then
I'm giving my vote

                 - michaelakintola

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

11.02.2020 19:05

Onwards :)

11.02.2020 19:10

11.02.2020 19:30

I'll give you a witness vote!

11.02.2020 19:14

Thank you very much thats a massive boost :)

11.02.2020 19:16

Just supported you with my vote!

11.02.2020 20:36

11.02.2020 21:02

The pleasure is mine :)

12.02.2020 09:11

You'll got my vote because of you indipendence, because of your humanity and because you support music.

11.02.2020 21:04

Thanks ! Feel free to reach out via the SonicGrooveLive discord regarding Musicoin :)

11.02.2020 22:33

Good post, hope you make it back in the top 20, I see that my proxy does have you selected, so that was nice to see. Testing is something that really needs to be taken seriously and I am glad to see you and @drakos in there testing. The last few Hard Forks testing did not go so well, so you two getting a head start on it is great to read and I hope more witnesses take some time to test.

11.02.2020 21:50

Thanks - I'm pretty stoked to see I jumped back up to 17 since posting :D
I agree, hopefully this next fork goes smoother then the last

11.02.2020 22:34

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 9.28.45 AM.png

11.02.2020 22:55

Glad you are still here doing awesome things. I still don’t get how SMTs will be different from the current tokens at steem-engine, anywhere that explains it for the technically uninclined?

12.02.2020 07:59

12.02.2020 15:54

Followed and voted. Seems you're up to position 13 now! Keep up the good work, for which i thank you.

thegreatliberation is coming

13.02.2020 00:21

I was producing blocks on the earlier test net but have not put a new witness up on the latest one (yet). There was six witnesses on it, but only 3 were setup to produce blocks at the time.

13.02.2020 00:50