Do you find yourself hitting the rewind button every time you watch an eye captivating scene of a movie? Guilty as charged. I have fallen victim to this virus and needless to say, the antidote I have failed to discover.

I am not a fan of boxing, though I agree I should hire a trainer just to brush up my skills in boxing and use them at the right time. For example, if am to go out on a date and it turns out the conversation went past midnight. I have to escort this lady back to her safe chambers.

Imagine a scenario two thugs pulling out some blunt deadly objects to put us to sleep and run away with our property. No way, not under my watch. That is when I pull out my boxing tactics. I believe that day I will send some thug flying over the neighboring fence protected by German shepherds.

Enough of the diversion, ever since the movie Creed 2 was released, staring. Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone, I fell under spell, with the rewind button. My most treasured scene comes when the movie is drawing close to the end. That part when Drago and Adonis Creed go on head to head in a rematch staged in Russia.

This time around, Creed comes well prepared to take on the mighty Drago. The intense fighting and throwing of heavy landing punches captivated me. I like the sound of the punches thrown. The good sensations of the punches sound better if your TV or PC is plugged into a home theatre. You get to capture every bit of the sound. It makes you feel like as if you are there present witnessing the fight.

One scene that gets me holding my left ribcage when actually there’s no pain at all but just reacting from the deadly blow Drago rained on Creed pushed me to the limit that I could greatly identify with Creed’s suffering.

The two commentators add an irresistible flavor into the fight. They have such a good diction of words to describe every round of the fight. Watching Creed’s mum, the girlfriend and the supporting team of Creed builds this kind of crazy anticipations that you’re all for team Creed, not Drago. I should say that the creators of the movie did such an amazing job to get me clicking the rewind icon or skipping up to this part where Drago and Creed take on each other to prove the other who is weaker and who is stronger to take in the hit.

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