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Hello beautiful people!
I hope you all are well and happy. This is my participation post for the contest held by the hardworking and talented @salmanwains about steemit promotion activities.

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How I came to know about Steemit

It was the evening of 26th March 2021, when my brother was busy in taking some snaps holding a piece of paper written on steemit, a username and a date. At first I didn't get that, even I didn't even know the meaning of steemit, I thought may be it's related to his work or something else. But then he told me about this, that we can earn money by creating content here. I was so much curious to know , but could not get more. But the very next day, my cousin salmanwains came to us, He said, "you know by just writing few lines on any topic, you can earn 1000 to 1500 rupees" πŸ˜‚on one post only. I was like k mujhe bs abhi sikha dou mujhe paisay kamany hainπŸ˜‚. Without even making an account, I decided my topics πŸ˜‚. My excitation level and dedication was on another level 🀭.
Anyway on 29th of March, my brother made me an account, I wrote my introduction, I was having problem writing that, my brother guided me lil bit. I made an introduction post. That week, cousin salmanwains came to us especially to guide us about how to use and how to post. From that day till now, he is our respected professor. I must say, whenever, I found difficulties on this platform, he is always there to guide me, no matter how many times I may have irritated him with my silly questions, he always gave positive response.


I really want to say thanks from core of my heart to you @salmanwains, you deserve all the happiness of this world. Thank you again.

My Steemit Promotion Activities

To be honest, it's just a month and a half to me on this platform, I am still in learning process. There are so many things that I have not understand yet, the reason behind is I am busy with my studies right now and focusing on that. But still, I am trying to share my knowledge about Steemit between my friends and family. I have made a what's app steemit family group where most often, I am guiding and convincing my cousins to join steemit.



How many Users I Introduced on Steemit
In a month, I have introduced 4 users to this platform. Out of which one is an active user in steemit-pak. He is my cousin ahtishamghumman5, ma Sha Allah he is working so hard with great dedication. I have guided him and motivated him a lot in joining steemit.


Here are some of my conversation screenshots with him




The second user is alihassam, who have joined the platform recently, but couldn't upload his introduction post yet due to his military services. The third user is also my cousin, mominacheema, who just recently joined steemit platform. She joined after I explained and told about the steemit. She found this very much productive platform.


I guided alihassam how to post, here's the screenshots



Today after insisting and convincing my brother usmanghumman, I helped him to registered on steemit. In Sha Allah very soon, he will start posting his achievement posts.

My Future Plans to promote Steemit

I am just waiting for my studies to be done, that hopefully will complete in the next month. After that, in Sha Allah, I will be completing and practicing some basic learnings here, once I will be professional, I will be promoting it to my circle and on other social media platform. The reason to do it later, is just because i myself is still learning and not polished yet.
Now one thing must quote here, steemit has actually becomes a life❀️, ThIs is not just a platform to earn money, this is like a whole world, where I have learnt alot and still learning. This is like an addiction I must say.
I hope you like it. Thanks 😊
I would like to invite

Regards πŸ’–

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Thank you so much for mention me ✨
Mashallah i just see you took more members on Steemit

25.05.2021 22:47

Yeah, just wait and watch

26.05.2021 09:55

You are doing a great job and your steemit story is really interesting. πŸ˜‚

26.05.2021 11:40

Thank you so much πŸ₯°πŸ’—...hahahah πŸ€—

26.05.2021 11:58