Winning Big at the BROsino!

Who says you can't have fun at your own casino?!

Head over to the BROsino and give it a try! It's completely FREE to play and you can even win some STEEM if you're good enough...or lucky enough!

Here are a few of my very recent big wins:

1. 6075 credit win

2. 12,500 credit win

3. 24,675 credit win!!!

Make sure you read our information pages to see the game rules, how to acquire credits and cash out, to learn about our sponsors, and to abide by BROsino policies:

About Us
Free Credits
Game Rules

Special thanks to @adsactly, @adsup, and @whatsup for the NewSteem Slots sponsorship!

You can sponsor your own slots or acquire naming rights to our BROsino games! Ask me how!

Grab a friend and head to the BROsino...the #1 FREE online casino!

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Number one thing in cryptocurrency blockchains? Gambling. Never ceases to amaze me that most folks go with the stuff they must pay for. Personally? I raise hell with most folks, yet know folks. Maybe quit chasing waterfalls and have some fun without risking your crypto.

Lots of games to play on STEEM. How about we support those that have invested a great deal in this platform without looking for gain? This post? The dude is legit. The most I can give !SHADE 5.

16.08.2019 18:07

You mean porn is not #1?

16.08.2019 20:07

Hi ats-david the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
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