Make Steem Trendy on Twitter!

If you want Steem to trend, you need to go where the people are!


Step up your Twitter game, folks! Help get these amazing Tweets to the top of Twitter's trending!

And don't forget to check out the BROsino!

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Liked both, but man... I became follower #20 followers— I think you guys are the ones that need to ‘step it up’ 😅

Hit me up if you want a #cryptotwitter campaign:

Can have you guys trending in no time with a couple hundred followers or so.

OneLove #OneSteem

Cheers 🍻 !BEER

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26.08.2019 07:03

Gotta start somewhere, Donald. If our own Steem community won’t follow us on social media and support our onboarding, gaming, and STEEM faucet efforts, why should anyone else?

By the way...the BROsino has referrals. Did you register yet?

26.08.2019 17:13

Yeah, it’s tough but they will follow once you get some traction, or you can cheat a little: do a bounty and incentivize following you on Twitter (or other network) or sharing a tweet with a couple friends.

Here’s an example of how we’re growing @reggaesteem:

I think I registered some time ago, but gave Steem casinos a break in order to build our tribe. Sold all div tokens (GAMER, EPIC) to ensure I don’t get tempted or have investors worry about the core team members. Will take a look at your refs system again, maybe we can find ways to collaborate.


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26.08.2019 22:21

I think that we need to make a more organised twitter effort. There are lots of people posting random efforts but with a little effort we could get a lot more visibility.

26.08.2019 09:49

Or people could tweet about the upcoming hf21, it seems more newsworthy than your casino. But then it's no longer free advertisement, is it ?

26.08.2019 15:58

Yes...hard forks on Steem really get the “mainstream” excited. Let’s try that route for the 21st time. I hear the 21st time is the charm!

26.08.2019 17:11

Resteemed AND Retweeted!

26.08.2019 19:09