Hello Friends, Atomy Indonesia holds a Weekly Contest with a total of 8 steem prizes.

  • First winner: 5 Steem
  • Second winner: 2 Steem
  • Third winner: 1 Steem

In this first week we will hold a Contest regarding writing atomy products in general, the Title can be written freely, the contents of the writing must be about the Atomy Product and its usefulness and greatness in the form of promotion. Assessment criteria include the art quality of the capture and the quality of the contents of the writing.


The following are the participants' contest requirements:

  1. Upvote, resteem this post
  2. Postings must use STEEMZZANG and must use the zzan and atomy tags and the rest is up to you
  3. Posts are allowed with three language choices : English, Korean, and Indonesian.
  4. At least 2 images are captured by yourself without editing and are not downloaded or edited by screenshots
  5. Posts are free from various types of blacklists.
  6. Send your post link in the comments below this post.

The contest will be announced 6 days from this post being launched, and the posting limit entering 4 days from this post will be launched.
The following assessment team will assist us in determining the winner: @cjsdns, @jjy, @hhusaini.
Good work, hopefully you can become a winner.


Best Regards @atomy.indonesia.