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#CLUB5050 - UI/UX Designer Lesson Part 4 by atim1234



Hello guys !!

Come back with me @atim1234,

Sorry if I'm late in giving lessons this time, because I also just got out of the hospital, so I have to be treated and can't afford to make lessons. But thankfully, this time I was able to continue the lesson.

Well, in this Part 4 lesson, I will share with you all about the Tools that we can use for UI Design, before in the next lesson I will make the final lesson.

So, let's start with the Part 4 UI/UX Designer Lesson.

Just like most people who work in front of a computer or in front of their laptop, of course we need software that will help our work.

Likewise with a UI / UX designer, tools or software are very important things that a designer must have to make the design.

Then, what software is often used by designers to create their projects?


So you only need to use a Web Browser on your computer or laptop such as Safari, Google Chrome, and FireFox

This Figma application can also be a tool that you can use to collaborate with Developers, Designers, or Content Copywriters, because this application allows us to work together with other people or the team we form.


I myself really like the Symbols feature in this application so that I can design UI Assets and Elements that I can reuse, and of course this will be branding or Consistent Design for a UI Designer.



We can customize the animations and transitions that exist in the features of this application with movements and interactions that can be said to be very sufficient to make a good UI design look and also interactive.

In this Invision application, we can create one artboard for several devices, and the display will be automatically responsive to the device that will be used, of course this feature is very helpful and saves us time as UI Designers.

Adobe XD

One of the interesting things about this application in my opinion is the Voice Trigger feature, auto animation, and responsive features, of course it really helps me in creating an attractive UI.

Well, here are some tools that are often used by UI designers, but actually, there are still a lot of tools that can be used to create UI looks, such as Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

But I usually only use Adobe XD, Sketh, and FIgma to make UI designs, so for that in the next lesson, I will make tutorials or video lessons about Tools for UI Designing.

Thank you, see you in my next post

Hopefully Helpful, Happy creative!

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