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#Club5050 - Road To Dholpin : Power Up 274 STEEM



Hello guys !!

This time, I'm not making an advanced UI/UI design lesson post, but I want to share a post about Power Up that I just did.

I previously had 3,149 STEEM POWER in my Wallet.

Jepretan Layar 2022-02-03 pada 09.54.11.png

Jepretan Layar 2022-02-03 pada 10.05.17.png

And I also have 274 STEEM in my Wallet, which is the result of the conversion of the more than 20 SBD that I converted to STEEM.

Jepretan Layar 2022-02-03 pada 09.58.27.png

And I did Power Up all of the STEEM I have, so now I have 3,423, Hmmmm,. it's still far for me to be a Dholpin yaa...

Jepretan Layar 2022-02-03 pada 10.05.08.png

But, that's how it is, I keep trying to be a consistent part of Club5050, because honestly, right now, I can't afford to be part of #club75 or #club100.

And with the addition of my Total Power Up this time, this month I have done 3 Power Ups with a total of 666,999 that I have Power Up.

Jepretan Layar 2022-02-03 pada 10.10.35.png

Well, that's all for my post this time, thank you

Thank you, see you in my next post

Hopefully Helpful, Happy creative!

Thank you


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