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#CLUB5050 - Motion Graphics - Part 4 ( How to Make a Motion Graphic Logo Using Adobe Premiere )


Hello guys !!!

As I promised before, I will make a video tutorial about making Motion Graphics. And here I have prepared the video, you can watch the video tutorial below this post.

But before that, I apologize if I only make a quick tutorial video, and this is because of my limitations in English, so I can't narrate or give voice over for this video.

But I will try my best to make a tutorial that can be easily understood by all of you in the future. maybe I should find a narrator to help me make my next video tutorial.

because if I just make the text on the video, I think it's a very tough task. so I just made a quick video so you guys don't get bored watching my videos.


Back to the matter of motion graphics, actually making motion videos is not limited to primary Adobe software, as I explained in a previous post that there are many software that we can use to create motion graphics.

Sequence 02.gif

In fact, even if you use a smartphone, you can still create very cool motion graphics.

In this video, I'm just making basic level motion graphics, where we just move Objects and make them come to life. but there are still many effects from this motion that we can provide that make the motion more interesting and professional. and I will teach you that.


In the next few days, I will be hosting this Contest About Motion Graphics.

I hope you learn it, because I will give a Prize and Upvote from this Community Curation Path. I will discuss with other Moderators first before holding the Contest.



Hopefully Helpful, Happy creative!

Thank you


Best Regards To :

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