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#CLUB5050 - Motion Graphics - Part 2 (Skills required by motion graphic designers.)

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Hello everyone!

This is the second part of the Motion Graphic material that we will study in the coming days. In the first part, we covered the definition of motion graphics, so this time we will continue with the second material that I promised, namely: Skills required by motion graphic designers.

Actually, this talk about motion graphics is quite vast, and we will not be able to become motion graphics designers only by understanding the material; it demands extensive material as well as direct practice.

But, before we get into the content on Motion Graphic Designer Skills, I'd want to go through the working relationship between it.

Graphic Design and Motion Graphics!

A Graphic Designer is responsible for developing logos, brochures, flyers, and banners, which are often required for advertising printing needs, among other things. A Motion Graphics Designer, on the other hand, is in charge of animating or bringing graphic design work to life.

As a result, this motion graphic will cause all design components, such as lettering, illustration pictures, or photos in brochures, flyers, and so on, to move.

And this approach of motion graphics is already quite popular in the world of multimedia and the internet in delivering any information to users or other people, because it makes them simpler to follow and attracts more attention than just a regular design.


And, in order to become a professional motion graphic designer, you must master numerous talents or abilities, including:

  • Mastering Graphic Design Skills.

    As I mentioned in the first chapter, motion graphics are graphics that move, thus this is the essential ability to master so that you can move the Graphic design components that you've made.

  • Understanding 3-D Modeling.

    This 3D modeling capabilities is actually just based on 3D motion graphics, but if all you want to do is make regular motion and not 3D models, this isn't that crucial. However, it should be noted that 3D Motion Graphics modeling is currently a highly sought-after motion model.

  • Understanding Animation's Point of View

    A good motion graphic is one that has complicated motion as well as realistic features with existing motion, therefore while creating motion graphics, we must grasp perspective in animation, (for example, you move objects, but you must also change the motion of the Shadow Object).

    • Organized and capable of multitasking.

      We will be working on and managing multiple components and layers at the same time when creating Motion Graphics, thus we must be able to handle so many files and motion graphic elements in an orderly and clean manner.

    • Techniques for Texturing and Lighting Effects

      Texturing and lighting is the ability to make a motion appear more realistic. We must be able to modify the texture or light of an item, but this is still a talent that is necessary only if you develop a 3D motion graphics project.

    • Typographic comprehension

      Typography is one of the most significant parts of motion graphics, and it is almost identical to the talents required for graphic design.

  • Color theory is understood.

    Like the material from last week, I have described a very deep understanding of this color theory. In the world of Motion Graphics, we are required to understand good color theory so that we can also determine the type of color we use in our motion graphics, and color will also describe the message that will be conveyed to the audience.

  • Have a Creative Soul and Mind

    Creativity will decide how we transform a basic concept into an exciting work that will be appreciated by a large number of people. Furthermore, we must be able to convey a distinct impression from the work that we will create.


Now, after understanding these 2 materials, of course you already know a lot about this Motion Graphic. This skill will be very much needed in today's digital world, we must be able to take opportunities from the many existing technological developments.

And that's all for the review, regarding Motion Graphics for Part 2, and for Part 3, we will learn what software we can use to make Motion Graphics, and if it is time, I will make a Practical Video about making Motion Graphics.

Hopefully Helpful, Happy creative!

Thank you


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