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#CLUB5050 - Motion Graphics - Part 1

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Hello, guys!!!

I saw a promotional ad just a few days ago that showed a pretty excellent video, but I didn't catch it with my camera.

But I know what I'm talking about: it's this Motion Graphics and Modeling film, a modeling video that I really appreciate. So, in order to do so, I will share new knowledge with all of you, specifically regarding Motion Graphics, but because this conversation is lengthy, we will divide it into various parts to understand Motion Graphics.

Let's get this party started!


  • The Definition of Motion Graphics

Many of you may have seen videos featuring animated models, but you may not have realized that these videos are referred to as cartoons!

You should realize that not all animated videos are cartoons. It's possible that it's motion graphics.

If we get back to the phrase Motion Graphic, it is made up of two words: Motion and Graphic, which means Motion and Graphics. The definition of Motion Graphics is simple: graphics that move.

Motion Graphic may also be defined as a collection of merged designs based on visual media that incorporate numerous aspects such as illustration, typography, and photography.

Trish coined this phrase in Chris Meyer's book "Creating Motion Graphics." This is the first stage of the software's development, and it focuses on the process of making videos rather than editing or 3D programming.


Objects that use Motion Graphics do not appear static, but rather dynamic and intriguing.

Motion graphics can be found or employed in a wide range of diverse sorts, purposes, and styles, such as:

  • Commercial videos

    Many of today's firms employ motion graphics to showcase goods and corporate culture as well as to design logos and commercials.

  • An explanation video

    Motion graphics may also be used to produce tutorials or data visualizations that use motion graphics.

  • Educational videos

  • Storytelling

  • Video clip

    Motion graphic artists may employ effects and inventiveness to communicate tales in a more dynamic way.

  • Content for social media

    More people will be drawn in by incorporating motion graphics into existing social media material.

That's all for the first part for motion graphics material, then we will discuss: Skills needed by motion graphic designers

Hopefully Helpful, Happy creative!

Thank you


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