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#CLUB5050 - Motion Graphic Contest !!!!

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Hello guys !!!

Time For Contest!!!!!

Well, as I promised before, that this time I will hold a Contest for the Lessons I have given this week.,Yes, We will Hold a Contest About "Motion Graphics"

Previously, I have made a simple introductory material for Motion Graphics Material, you can learn it here:

Well, I hope you learn a lot about this Motion Graphic material, to make it easier for you to take part in the Contest that I am holding.


“Motion Graphics” Contest Tasks

  1. Summarize the Definition of Motion Graphic
    . Give an Example of Using Motion Graphics

  2. Create Your Own Motion Graphic entitled “Steem SKillshare”. (Make sure you display the results of your work, it can be a screenshot of a worksheet, or a video that you upload to Youtube"

  3. Draw Conclusions From Your Motion Graphics


Terms and Conditions :


  • There can be no plagiarism.

  • Posts must be written in the Steem Skillshare Community.

  • Participate in #club5050 #club75 or #club100

  • You Must Follow this Community Curation Trail

  • Use the hashtag #atim1234contest and provide a link to your post in the comments of this post

  • Invite your friends at least 3 people to join this community and follow the curation path

  • Winners will be selected based on the assessment of the understanding obtained.

  • Contest Lasts Until This Post Expires

    Reward :

    There are 10 STEEM that I will share for 3 Winners
    1st : 5 STEEM and 100% Upvote From Curation Trail
    2nd : 3 STEEM and 75% Upvote From Curation Trail
    3rd : 2 STEEM and 50 % Upvote From Curation Trail

    With the Terms of Value as follows:

    Q1 : 2 Points
    Q2 : 1 Points
    Q3 : 5 Points
    Q4 : 2 Points
    ( If you are not in the #club5050 section, you will not get the Score)


That is all and thank you

I'm waiting for your best posts


Best Regards To :
@ steemcurator01

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