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Hello guys !!!

Come back with me @atim1234 Again, in this post about Graphic Design Lessons, I want to talk about Moodboards !!!

Have you heard this term before? If not, let's peel it off !!! because actually this term is also a very important thing that you should know, especially if you are a serious designer who wants to create works.

Maybe among you novice designers, of course you have felt the feeling where you find it difficult to realize the visions and ideas that are already in your mind, this often happens even for a professional designer because this may happen because visual ideas have the nature of more abstract so it is difficult to communicate.

Well, when this happens, of course we have to make a moodboard to help us in compiling the idea that we will design or design. and this time we will discuss about this Moodboard, its benefits and how to make a Moodboard


Example of Moodboard Design, Source Image :

When experiencing these problems, writers often use a moodboard to help map visual ideas that they want to implement into a visual work. Well, in this article the author will explain about the moodboard and its benefits in the process of working.


What is a Moodboard?

It can be said that mood boards are what a designer usually does first to translate his ideas into a design that will be designed, or also to approach the client so that these moodboards can be a guide to develop what the client wants.

In other words, this moodboard is really needed by a designer to be a guide on the design project that will be made.

Elements that can be entered into this moodboard can include images, fonts, colors, graphics and patterns.

Apart from being a guide for a design project, making this moodboard has other benefits that designers can get, namely:


To accommodate Temporary Ideas.

When we as designers have got a lot of design inspiration and ideas that we receive, either from the references we get from clients or the results of browsing on the internet, we can reflect and tidy up these ideas and inspirations into the Moodboard.


As a working description that will be presented to the client.

Maybe you've felt it where when we already have an idea, but it's difficult for us to convey it to the client even though this communication factor is very important so that you and the client can get the same conclusion on the project that you will be working on.

So, this Moodboard is a solution to be a thought process that you pour and also pour on the client so that you and the client can understand each other's desires and goals so that it will avoid the resulting miscommunication.


As a medium for Experimenting

In that we make a Moodboard, it doesn't have to be perfect, and only in the form of an initial sketch, so that we as designers can do a lot of experiments from the results of the sketches on the Moodboard that we have made.

We can experiment with many elements such as color, contrast, fonts, and so on, so that you not only get inspiration for your current work, but also for future work or projects.


Well, that's the introduction to Moarboard in this post, but next we will discuss Tips and How to Design a Moodboard, Thank you so much.

Thank you, see you in my next post

Hopefully Helpful, Happy creative!

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