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#CLUB5050 - How to Make a Simple Logo


Hello guys !!!

Come back with me here, As you all know, I will continue to share tips, tricks, information and tutorials related to graphic design.

Well, in this post I will share a tutorial on how to make a simple logo using Adobe Photoshop software.

Well, in a previous post, I often discussed about Adobe Photoshop software, which is one of the most suitable software for those who want to learn graphic design.

And, I have also introduced this software to you in previous posts.

But, this time I made a tutorial in video format so that you can easily understand how to make a logo using this software.

And this is the result of the logo I made:


And if you follow the materials or design classes that I have shared in this community, of course you already know the functions and benefits of a logo.

So, I highly recommend that you have a logo, be it for your company, business, or whatever. and if you want to make a logo, here's the tutorial :


Hopefully Helpful, Happy creative!

Thank you


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