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#CLUB5050 - Habits of Professional Graphic Designers


Hello guys !!!

This time, I honestly don't know what to share, because I'm also holding a Contest. so I don't think it's also possible for me to create new material in graphic design.

So for that, I chose to make a post which in my opinion is no less important than graphic design materials. We certainly continue to learn to be a successful professional graphic designer, right?

But have we ever tried to learn how the habits of a successful professional graphic designer are?

And here, I will share 6 Habits of a successful graphic designer, I collected this material from several sources. not my own habit, because I also can not be said as a successful person right?

Okay, here are some habits of a successful graphic designer:

  • Make a schedule.

If we make a schedule in our lives of course this will make life more organized. although there is a schedule that sometimes still deviates from the plan, but imagine if the schedule you make is in accordance with what you have planned, of course this is very helpful for you to help you have appropriate working hours and also will not interfere with other lives

  • Stay Creative.

    Maybe people's creative souls are different, some can get an idea instantly, some have to wait a long time to get an idea to create content.

So actually we should be able to provoke the sense of creativity that we have. get used to it when you have the opportunity to make a FICTIONAL DESIGN. so that over time, your skills, sense and taste in design will be honed and 'mature'.

  • Diligent in Installment Work.

The point here is, you don't force a project or work to be completed immediately, so it won't produce a professional design. But, you have to break down some parts of your work. So do everything as much as possible and focus on parts.

But also, never do work that you think is easy first. But do the hardest part first, so that when you resume, your mood will change and work will feel relaxed

  • Frequently Refreshing!

Don't be so focused on spelling things out for hours in front of a computer screen that you do it without the slightest pause because this will not be effective.

You will feel tired, your eyes will be tired, and this will hurt yourself. You have to get out or shift from your desk to just get some fresh air or have a coffee.


Yes, maybe before doing something our mood can change in doing something, sometimes we are lazy or sometimes also procrastinate. But know that your success does not come overnight.

You have to be really consistent in doing a job. and must Stay on Track and continue to improve the quality of yourself

  • Productive

    Every professional graphic designer doesn't just keep himself busy, not just at work. but they also share their hobbies or other interests. Your Design Skills, Taste and Creativity that you have may only happen because you are constantly sharpened when you are relaxed, you don't have to be fixated on your own work deadlines.

I also highly recommend you to also master other skills. such as illustration, photography or the like. But remember! Take it easy, don't burden yourself too much to force yourself to have everything. Let it flow, focus on 1 or 2 other advantages but really good quality..

And, one more thing! You also have to be patient and pray a lot. Because it was God's intervention that made this all work.


Hopefully Helpful, Happy creative!

Thank you


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