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#CLUB5050 - Graphic Design Contest !!!!



Hello guys !!

Come back with me @atim1234

In yesterday's post, of course you already know applications that can help us in designing UI/UX products. I really hope these lessons can be useful for all of you.

But, before continuing this lesson more broadly, I would like to organize a Little Contest for all of you. Well, of course this Contest is still related to Graphic Design, because indeed I am here acting as a moderator and also a graphic design teacher.

So, what is the contest? Let's start !!!


Contest Question

  • How Much You Know Graphic Design.

  • How Do You Rate the Graphic Design Profession

  • What is the impact on the advancement of Technology & Graphic Design

  • Give an example of a graphic design that you have made?

  • Would you like to improve your Graphic Design Skills, and why?

Very easy isn't it? Well, because this contest aims to judge the Viewers or members of this community for their interest in this Graphic Design.

Terms and Conditions :


  • There can be no plagiarism.

  • Posts must be written in the Steem Skillshare Community.

  • Use the hashtag #atim1234contest and provide a link to your post in the comments of this post

  • Invite your friends at least 3 people to join this community and follow the curation path

  • Winners will be selected based on the assessment of the understanding obtained.

  • Contest Lasts Until This Post Expires


Reward :


There are 10 STEEM that I will share for 3 Winners

  • 1st : 5 STEEM and 100% Upvote From Curation Trail

  • 2nd : 3 STEEM and 75% Upvote From Curation Trail

  • 3rd : 2 STEEM and 50 % Upvote From Curation Trail


With the Terms of Value as follows:

Q1 : 2 Points
Q2 : 2 Points
Q3 : 2 Points
Q4 : 2 Points
Q5 : 2 Points
( If you are not in the #club5050 section, you will not get the Score)


That is all and thank you

I'm waiting for your best posts


Best Regards To :

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