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#club5050 - Graphic Design Contest Winner Announcement



Hello guys !!!

Come back with me @atim1234
Here I will give the Announcement of the Winners of the Contest that I held last week.

From the previous Contest, I have made great progress, that is, there are 6 people in total taking part in this Contest.

And of the 6 people who took part in the Contest only a few were able to be included in the nominations of winners, this is because their requirements as participants were not met.


And therefore this is the winner:

You will Get 5 STEEM. And To @steem.skillshare, please give him a 100% Upvote from the Curation trail.

You will Get 3 STEEM. And To @steem.skillshare, please give him a 75% Upvote from the Curation trail.

You will Get 2 STEEM. And To @steem.skillshare, please give him a 50% Upvote from the Curation trail.

Jepretan Layar 2022-02-12 pada 15.22.20.png

Prize Retribution for Winners

I congratulate the winners, and I thank all the participants for the Contest who have participated.

Keep following the Community Guidelines, guidelines from the steemit team, and also Follow the #club5050 Campaign at least, and it's better if you follow #club75 and #club100 it will be better for you all.

I am here as the moderator of the Community, I apologize to all of you, if there is an error in organizing this contest, and what's more, I am currently busy with personal matters, so I cannot work optimally for this Community.

Thank you, see you in my next post

Hopefully Helpful, Happy creative!

Thank you


Best Regards To :

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