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#CLUB5050 - Figma Introduction - UI/UX Designer Lesson Part 5



Hello guys !!

Come back with me @atim1234

This time we will continue the UI Design Class, and this has entered Part 5, and maybe we will have a Contest for the next few days. But before that….

I want to keep my promise, that I will make a video tutorial about the introduction of Figma, and I have made it, you can watch this video under this post.

But, I use Indonesian in the video, I hope you can activate the subtitles for the video.

Well, before you watch the Video Lesson that I have made, I will also discuss a little about this Figma Introduction, Let's start .....

  • What is Figma ?

    Figma is a Web-based UI design application or Broser and Tool that can be used as prototyping for digital projects. because this application is browser-based, it can be accessed from any device.

With this FIgma application, we can create a team to design a project and it can also be used in real time

Figma is also used by big companies like Slack, Twitter, Zoom, Dropbox, and Walgreen

  • Features In the FIgma app

The features that Figma has are very useful for your UI and UX design needs, including:

  • Automated–tasks for various aspects via plugins to speed up projects.

  • Selection tools with automated spacing, setting, and organizing modifications.

  • A contemporary pen tool that allows you to draw in any direction.

  • Open Type font support.

  • Flexible approaches and capabilities that save time.

  • The ability to design systems and components.

  • Drag and Drop with quick access.

  • The ability to inspect design files and extract code snippets.

  • An export feature with direct links (not just PDF format).

  • Mobile interaction design and prototypes have been optimized.

  • The ability to collaborate in real-time with many users.

  • Version History, which shows you everything that has changed and who has modified it.

  • Support for an infinite number of users in a single project;

  • Intelligent animations for linking items and transitions.

  • embedded remarks.


Well, that was a little review from me about the introduction of the Figma application, for some others you can watch it in the video below



Thank you, see you in my next post

Hopefully Helpful, Happy creative!

Thank you


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