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#CLUB5050 - Ethical Design


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This time, while waiting for the results of the Contest that I held previously, this time I want to share another lesson that is very useful for all of you, especially for you graphic design lovers.

This time, I will give a lesson about Ethical Design, ethical design is very necessary when we create content for a product, so that when we determine and implement a design work, we must also consider the appropriate principles so that your work does not deviate and cause misunderstandings.

Let's Learn about Ethical Design


Understanding Ethical Design

Ethical Design is the process of designing a design work while incorporating ethical values ​​that exist among users and integrating them with the existing philosophy of business intensity.

Ethical Design aims to prevent designs that are destructive and violate existing norms or rules. So this is important because when you design, whether it's a product, a marketing campaign or a poster, it has an impact on the people who see it or use it.

Ethical Design Principles.

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The principles of Ethical Design will strive to prioritize human rights, effort and experience gained. This principle is based on the “Ethical Hierarchy of Needs” created by Aral Balkan and Laura Kalbag which illustrates that each level of the pyramid supports each other. If one person falls, all will fall.

This is a following are some of the principles of Ethical Design:


This is the main principle in design ethics, because indeed all design works are designed to be useful for others, easy to use, and can help solve their problems.

How can a design work be called useful? There are several things to pay attention to, including:

  • Ease of design work can be easily understood by users

  • Efficient,

  • Easy to remember,

  • Errors, how many and fatal errors may appear

  • customer satisfaction,


Ease of access

The principle of good ethical design is when the product design is able to make it easy for anyone to access it.

Every design work must have a target market, therefore, every design that we design must adjust to the target, and this will also be profitable.


Graphic designs that are familiar with the digital world are certainly full of privacy issues that many people worry about, therefore the principle of ethical design is also to create a design that is able to store information that is only really needed.

Transparency and Persuasion

The principle of ethical design is also to make things clear without hiding anything. so that users are not deceived by the appearance of the design,

but they also have to really know and agree with what they see and use.

Engaging Users.

Well, this is closely related to the target market or users of the design that we will design, therefore, one of the principles of design ethics is to involve users in a design process, so that they have a sense of belonging to your design work.


Environmentally friendly.

Environmentally friendly here can mean that a design must adapt to the existing environment, and does not damage the environment, does not damage existing norms and rules.


The benefits of Applying Ethical Design to your design work.

Of course, judging from the term "Ethical Design" we certainly already know the benefits of applying this principle in our design.

Of course, the application of this principle will make our designs not mislead users and not violate the rules as well. Especially if your desigan justifies something that is wrong and blames what is right.

For example, if a fast food restaurant design can lead to the mindset that this food is safe to eat. even though fast food has a high obesity rate.

The principle of "Ethical Design" in graphic design is also intended to stop the spread of disturbing hoaxes. but apart from that, the principles of design ethics also help products to be easily accepted by all people and groups and can promote human values such as diversity and solidarity.


Well, here's a lesson about ethical design that I think is important and we must know and practice it in every design we make.

Like when you design a product, news outline, poster, website, or whatever, apply these Design Principles and Ethics.

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