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#CLUB5050 - Concepts That Will Make Your Logo More Attractive (Design Blog)



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How are you guys? I hope you are doing well, in the past few days I have been busy with preparations for my wedding which is likely to be held on 10 March.

With that busy life I can't make posts as diligently as possible, but this time I want to share more tips with all of you about "Some Concepts That Will Make Our Logos Look More Memorable". What concept is that?

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As I have discussed a lot, the logo is one of the most important things to pay attention to in a business, therefore, every business tries to make the logo as attractive as possible to make it more attractive.

Therefore, a logo will be more attention-grabbing if it is designed properly, and if it is wrong or even poorly designed, then get ready for your customers to run away from your business.

And here, I will share some Inspiration Logo Ideas that will be able to make your business logo more creative and of course more attractive

Logo With Product Purpose Concept

source image

As in the "MOVERS" logo above, the hand icon that shows visually that this is a business that can help us for housewarming purposes.

And this is clear, a very interesting concept by just looking at the logo, people will know what the purpose of your business.

Element Repetition Concept

source image

The CNBC logo is one of the logos that uses this concept very interestingly, repeating the basic elements that make up the peacock, and that way this logo will be easy for users to remember, and of course it will also be more interesting to look at.

Concept With Visualization Of The Meaning Of The Words In The Logo

source image

This is an interesting logo concept in my opinion and not just any logo can represent the nature of the meaning of the words in the logo.

As in this very creative logo where the letter S in the “Ilusion” logo is designed as negative space that forms like an illusion.

Logo Concept Combination of Objects and Words.

source image

A logo with this concept will form all the words that are designed to form the items that represent it, such as the Bison logo, this is an interesting concept where the word BISON is set to resemble the shape of BISON.

Logotype Concept

Not all logos require objects or images to represent them, there are also logotypes that only use "words" to represent the logo

source image

Like the example of the "Bloom" logo above, where this logo has a very interesting concept, by utilizing the two "O" letters in the word "BLOOM" and forming a pair of rings.


Well, those are some logo concepts that I think are very interesting that you can apply to your logo. Which logo concept do you like?

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Thank you, see you in my next post

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