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#Club5050 - Color Gamut Contest ANNOUNCEMENT

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Hello guys,,,,

In this post, I want to make an announcement regarding the contest that I held last week, the contest is entitled Color Gamut Contest.

For more information, you can read here:

But unfortunately, the contest was not followed by a single person. So it can be said that there is neither a winner nor a loser.

In fact, I have prepared 20 STEEM Prizes for them.. Of course this is one of my faults, how come no one entered this Contest.


I really hope for answers from Them, or all of you, Is this too difficult, or indeed you don't know this contest, or because the prizes are too small, (#affable)

But, Thus, I will still Save the STEEM I have for Making Next Contest. And hopefully in the future this contest will be easier and can be followed by many people


That is all and thank you



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