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8th moderator report - And Support For #CLUB5050 by atim1234



Hello guys…

In this post, again I want to report my activities as a moderator in the STEEM SKILLSHARE Community. maybe I can't report much, but every job must have a report. then I will report my activities.

I'm not sure why for some time now I have seen that the activity of members in this Community has started to decrease. I hope that we fellow moderators and admins can create programs that can raise the spirits of the members that can help invite members to be more active...


Alright Let's start the Report!!!

  • Activities & Projects.

    About Graphic Design Class.

  • Color Gamut Contest

Well, in my previous report I published a report on Color Gamut Graphic Design lessons. And after Lesson I made a contest about The Color Gamut Lesson:

But unfortunately, after the contest ran for one week. no member or participant shall enter this Contest. Whether this contest is too difficult or what, I don't understand it. the following Contest Report:


  • Motion Graphic Contest.

And at this time I am also holding a contest entitled "Motion Graphic Contest". This contest I held after giving the subject matter to each member.

This is so that all participants can take part in the Contest well, and the following material has been taught to Them:


  • Banner Design For Community.

Apart from being a Graphic Design teacher, I am also a Designer in this Community, and it is my pleasure to continue to help the Community by creating banners for Community Posts and other purposes, and here are some of them:






  • Support Club5050

I am very diligent and will continue to do Power Ups as much as 50% of the Rewards I get, Why not 100%?, Because we cannot deny that we are economic beings who need some additional costs and Self Reward for our own efforts and hard work

Jepretan Layar 2022-01-16 pada 21.49.09.png


  • Future Hopes and Targets

In the previous report, I made a Plan About Skill Creator. But this is still a plan, I'm not sure how to implement it in this community, but I think I have to make another project.

But one thing is for sure!, I really hope that we can launch a project that is different from other communities, so that this community can be more advanced and also develop rapidly.


And that's my activity report as a moderator in this community, that's all and thank you

Best Regards To :

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