The Coast and Lighthouses of Portugal


Welcome back! Today I wanted to share a few more pictures from my trip to Portugal. One of the days we were here we spent driving along the coast. It was mesmerizing to watch the waves come crashing up against the steep cliffs. I took more videos than pictures so I could capture the thunderous sound.



(Cabo da Roca Lighthouse)

I am not sure where or when my love for lighthouses began, but whenever I am near a coast I quickly search the internet to find out if there are any nearby. If there are, you can be sure I am finding a way to get to them. Cabo da Roca is a lighthouse that is located in Colares Sintra Portugal. Sintra was by far one of my favorite places to visit in Portugal and the fact that there was a lighthouse made it even better.

(Cabo da Roca Lighthouse)

After a full and rainy day of exploring the coast of Sintra, we decided to drive a bit further to see Cabo da Roca. Unfortunately, because of the late hour we arrived and the heavy rain we were only able to take photos from the car which resulted in some grainier images than I like.

We did take a few moments to walk around and see the view on the other side of the lighthouse which was spectacular due to the fact that it is only 165m above the Atlantic Ocean. There are also granite boulders and limestone that make up the promontory it is situated on.

(Cabo da Roca Lighthouse)

Sadly, I do not know the name of the lighthouse below. I tried to do a search by looking at images of lighthouses in Portugal, but couldn't find one that matched mine. However, I love how the sun was setting and the enormous cliffs engulfing this one.


I could spend all day watching scenes like this. The ocean has a way of relaxing and calming me. I forget for a brief moment about my worries and concerns. It causes me to stop and remember that life is meant to be enjoyed. I love traveling and hope that I will be able to enjoy many more oceans and lighthouses around the world.


atalaya :)

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