BSV bounced 300% in 5 days and may replace XRP as 3rd place

(Wrote to Astro-Finance members;

During last summer I wrote more than once about BSV that easily could replace BITCOIN (BTC) yet for a year now is claiming to be "TRUE" Bitcoin...

Between Jan 10th - 15th #BSV increased its value in almost 300% ... something most of us could not expect to happen.

We can't consider BSV to "shitcoin" it's not ... fighting with XRP on 3rd place now. Since this event started exactly in the Lunar eclipse (Jan 10th) yet increased into rest epic astrological events (Uranus moving direct & Saturn-Pluto conjunction) impossible to ignore its presence as recent days are standing in "New World Order" mark, meaning it wise to consider that BSV to be finally real Bitcoin and if so thus its current value of around $300 meantime BTC = 8600 can become the best investment ever of this new decade...

  • I'm going to investigate BSV natal chart hoping to come with bright insights soon (the challenge is that both BSV and BCH born in same day.. since they can't succeed both at same time though each astro interpretation may play opposite role. Winner - Loser ext..


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XRP has a lot of use cases, So I would expect it to do good really soon. It seems like you don't agree with that.

18.01.2020 22:49