Data analysis, market research and thesis writers in ghana: Oxglow analytics

In the context of students, finding thesis writers or writer in Ghana has become a daunting task, because there are many acclaimed dissertations and research proposal writers in Ghana who ends up delivering plagiarized works.

Oxglow Analytics was formed with the core mission to guide and assist Masters and PhD students in data analysis, research proposal for PhD scholarships, journal articles, and thesis assistance. We have delivered market research for businesses and companies, with detailed and well-established product findings.

The need to have an experienced and well knowledgeable lecturer in research methods, supervisors and educators who serve as freelancers for our core associate team has been very crucial.

The challenges students face in the process of completing their thesis or dissertation cannot be overemphasized enough, especially for students who work and schooling at the same time. There is an increasing number of students who have a family on their own and have to school at the same time has increased tremendously. These few hurdles place a constraint on them to fully or single-handedly complete their thesis.

In furtherance, some supervisors have less time and so many responsibilities on their own to fully give the appropriate and efficient guidelines to students, as a result of this students have to scrounge for assistance from inexperienced persons. Some students have no prior or prerequisite understanding of how to use statistical packages and even the research instruments to use for the study. These factors cause a lot of students to defer courses and pay penalties for not completing their research work on time.

Providing assistance and guidance to Masters or PhD students in their dissertation or thesis papers does not come easy. You need well-experienced associates to handle the process with the expertise it deserves.

Our professionals have much expertise in the area of literature dissertation review, research methodology, questionnaire formulation and data gathering, data analysis through the use of STATA, SPSS, R, ATLAS.ti and many other data analysis tools to ensure efficient discussion of the data gathered. Some even cannot use ATLAS.ti. , NVIvo, QDA Miner, MAXQDA.

Students are active participants in the process. Every student is required to partake, read and understand the topic of the study, the objectives, research methodology, as well as the data analysis, involve.

This is done because we do not hand over students, already made work. It is against our policy. We ensure that every chapter is well understood by students when meeting supervisors as well as for defense purposes.

One mistake is for students to expect a fully prepared thesis for them, no. That does not happen, and even if it does, it is very wrong. Students have to understand their work and partake in the process.

Plagiarism is an important part of Masters's and PhD thesis and dissertation. Most students have no idea how to detect their plagiarism and work to improve or reduce the similarities index. Oxglow Analytics ensures that a new AI process is in place to help students research and thesis papers to be accepted with very low plagiarism in their work. Turnitin is sometimes used in this process to help safeguard the thesis against plagiarism.

In the context of market research, a lot of businesses are not able to maximize their product sales, marketing and the demography of their customer base because they lack proper well-detailed data analytics and market research findings.

Many businesses have gone out of business because they could not find a well competent team to help in gathering data for their services and products.

Oxglow Analytics team has the necessary prerequisites to ensure that satisfactory analytics, as well as comprehensive product research, are conducted for businesses.

Helping institutions have also been our long term goal. The need to help companies also make evidence-based decision making through data analysis is key to corporate organizations and market research: product releases, brand strategies, marketing procedures.

We help in designing the product, which will help businesses in growing. Your work needs a focused, specialized approach, and that's what we're here to offer. Our whole procedure is equipped towards giving you the most proficient exposition working help out there.

There is no reason why a working mother or a very busy father who wanted to complete his/her thesis should not seek guidance to complete their thesis successfully.

There are some majority of students who have very little idea on the use of data analysis tools like Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), STATA, or MATLAB or R for quantitative data analysis for their thesis.

There is the need to bring our expertise in the data analysis tools and thesis writing knowledge to support them gain an understanding of their work and complete on time. Nothing should deny anyone the opportunity to complete their thesis with much confidence.

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