Better life // the diary game // 24-05-2021 // Monday

Hello steemians, I am Ashutosh Kumar form Agra, India. I am using seemit as @ashubaba01

I'm fine and I hope you will be fine at your home in this pandemic. In this crucial time we need to care us and our love ones.

So, let's start my day.


Good morning friends

Today I woke up at 7 am then I sit on my bed for some time. After that I went to get fresh. Then I brushed my teeth and washed my face as usual I do every morning then I take a bath and after that I worshiped my Lords (bhagwaan).

After that I take breakfast then I went to my shop with my elder brother anshul bhaiya @anshulgo

After reach on shop we open our shop and then clean the shop first and worship here.

this is the mini temple in my shop where we worship after opening shop

After that we sit on chair in the shop. And at 1pm we came home then I rest for some time.
After that I take lunch and then I went to my room for my online class for ITI. We can not go to college because of lockdown in my state.

After giving online class I started my revision for my upcoming army exam. Then I take a power nap for an hour.

After that in the evening my papa told me about the invitation of Feast of wedding of a girl in village. So our dinner was done in the village.

I went to village with my three brothers @akaashh, @anshulgo, @ankit1234.


this is a plate full with bhojan and I enjoyed a lot, it was very tasty

After enjoying feast with my brothers we came home, on coming home we pick the peanut butter packet which I ordered online and it was delivered at my friend's home. So I pick it form friend's house and came home.
Then we spent some time with our parents and tell them how was the feast. And how much we enjoyed. After that I went to my room and start studying and revision that I learned in yesterday.
Then I use youtube on my phone for some interesting history videos. Then I slept.

That's my day friends.

Important note :-

The Epidemic has not been over yet, so please remain in the house, because there is no better place than home. Take care and keep in mind too. Keep your hand sanitize every time when you touch anything and always use double face mask. We will win together. Thank you.😊

Stay home, stay safe, stay happy.

See you tomorrow, with a new diary.....





stayhappy. ❤️❤️

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Nice diary from you! stay safe!

affable #india

25.05.2021 07:07

After giving online class I started my revision for my upcoming army exam.

Good that you managing your study as well as your work. nice food, keep posting

affable #india

25.05.2021 08:52

Thanks for reading.
Take care.

25.05.2021 10:25