Batter life || the diary game || 09/05/2021 || sunday || worst weekend

hello my dear friends I'm fine and I hope you guys will also good. So, without any delay let's start my day with you.



Today, I woke up at 10am then I pick my phone and play some songs to listen, then I gone to fresh. After that I brushed my teeth as usual I do.
Then I take a bath. After that I take my breakfast.


At 2pm I took my lunch and then is started my bingewatch web series mission MBBS season 2.
This is a nice series and the first season of this season was really a hit one. Then now it's second season was released some months ago, I watch it now. The story of second season is on the situation of pandemic of COVID-19. I suggest one must watch it. You can watch it on YouTube channel "dice media".

the screenshot of a scene from the series


In the evening I went to get milk as usual my regular work. After that I spent some Valuable time with my friends. Then it going to be night so I returned home.


At night I took my dinner then I spent some time with my family which was precious. After that I pick my phone and watch some youtube videos and some short films.
Then I went to sleep or kya kru ab kitna kaam krunga bhai sona bhi to h tumhe to mje aane lage bhai😊🤗.

That's my day.....

Epidemic has not been over yet, so please remain in the house, because there is no better place than home. Take care and keep in mind too. Thank you.

see you tomorrow friends



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spent time with your family is good thing. thanks for sharing your diary.

10.05.2021 12:16

How is the series that you are watching?

affable #india

10.05.2021 13:05

Very nice,
Thanks for stopping here

10.05.2021 16:16

Nice post friend, when I saw your post heading I thought something wrong happened to you but thank god it was not like that. You spend a good day, think positively, and keep posting. take care

affable #india

10.05.2021 13:42

In this lockdown i can not travel anywhere,
Thanks for your care....

10.05.2021 16:19