Hello, Steemit! An Introduction Through Self-Portraits


Hello, Steemit! I’m Ashley, and I’m an artist.

I make (almost) exclusively digital art, including animated short films. I thought an interesting way to introduce myself would be with a timeline of self portraits.

Hope you enjoy!


The earliest self-portraits I have.

This was my first year of college - I was attending UC San Diego with the intention of getting a degree in literature. I was drawing and painting with acrylics occasionally, and always just for fun.


At the end of 2016, I took my first film class.

Two weeks into this class, and I was sold. I switched my major to Film.

I didn’t make any self portraits, but I was introduced to a new medium - experimental film. Cue a few ultra-pretentious short films that I will spare you from, and I had learned a genuine appreciation for the application of time to artmaking.


Enter animation!

I took a class where we spent one week learning stop motion. I made an animated self portrait with a photograph and acrylic paint. My first-ever animation!

Unfortunately, at the time UCSD didn’t offer animation classes, so I bugged the one professor with some animation experience for book and lesson recommendations. I took an independent study and used that time to teach myself how to use Toon Boom.

I made a few practice animations, one of which was a self portrait:

Bonus drawing of me at my workstation:



I animated myself in a recurring dream I have about a haunted house with a deep mystery.

I’m like Nancy Drew in this dream, but a version that's really bad at solving mysteries. So not like Nancy Drew at all, actually.

I graduated and moved to LA, where I landed a job working in True Crime TV. I didn’t draw much for the rest of the year.


Work, work, work, work, work - but I actually enjoyed it.

I was doing a lot of organizing, scheduling, and research (and just a little, little bit of writing) for the show I was on, but I really missed MAKING things.

I decided to start making short films again! But this time, I wanted to have great fundamentals.

I ordered a fleet of drawing and animation books and started drawing regularly. I kept at it for a little over a month, and then bought a giant iPad to draw on instead. Best upgrade of my whole life.

Last year, I spent a lot of time testing different techniques and styles.


This year, I resolved to work on art that is meaningful to me.

I am working on a self-portrait series called “Things I Don’t Do Anymore.”


This is the first of them - swimming. All of the drawings will be centered around hobbies I’ve lost for one reason or another.

I’ll share the rest of the series as I finish it. I’m also working on a pitch for a short film I’m really excited to share my progress on.

Thanks for reading!


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Welcome ashleypox!
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14.01.2020 01:13

Hello @ashleypox, Welcome to the steemit world!

14.01.2020 01:18

Hi! Thank you, I've been lurking for a little while and I'm excited to participate. The community seems really nice!

14.01.2020 01:24

Great first post, I hope you will enjoy steem!

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14.01.2020 01:42

Thank you so much for helping me get started! Your advice was extremely helpful

14.01.2020 02:04

Hi @ashleypox! Glad to get to see the intro post! You're going to love it here. You certainly already found a good group of people to be involved with.

I also like to make animations, but I sit more on the stop-motion side with toys (lego's, in particular) because... well... they're legos.. and I have a tonne of them.

Welcome to steem! I'm really looking forward to seeing your work.

!tip 0.2

14.01.2020 01:51

Thank you for the warm welcome! I love stop motion but absolutely don't have the patience for it. I always think of the scene from Parks and Rec where Ben Wyatt tries to make a claymation.

14.01.2020 02:07
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14.01.2020 01:52

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14.01.2020 03:34

Hi ashleypox welcome! I'm new here too.
I hope you enjoy this platform. Animation is not easy
my congratulations! :3

14.01.2020 03:49

Thank you! And welcome to you too 😆

I just checked out some of you work - really beautiful! Love the textures that you get. I always have to resist the urge to blend all my textures out.

14.01.2020 04:19

Thank you! I'm glad you saw my work and you like it! Do not resist textures are life!😆 I hope to continue watching your animations here.:3

14.01.2020 20:49

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Thank you so much for your interest!

14.01.2020 04:21

Hi Ashleypox! I like your self portraits and animation is very cool. I'm fairly new here too, but welcome! I hope to see more of your work :)

14.01.2020 04:39

Hi Allen! Thank you, it was encouraging pulling the materials together and seeing my progress over the years :)

Your illustration work is really nice, I hope to see more of yours, too!

14.01.2020 04:44

@ashleypox Hey Welcome here dear... Glad to see you here....
Upvoted you 100% !!!
Hope just like your #introduceyourself post your every post gets on top and you achieve your goal using steemit...
If you need any help or assistance feel free to tell me over steemchat...
I will be always there for you!!!!
Do view my profile and follow me to get one of the amazing valuable blogs on steemit!!!! Thanks=)@ashleypox

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14.01.2020 06:13

Welcome! You have a great life!

I hope you enjoy the journey on Steem. :)

14.01.2020 07:18

Thank you! I do, I have been very lucky.

14.01.2020 07:31

Hey ashleypox! If you would like to make your personal feed contain the top trending media and talking points of the whole internet, consider following @coffeebreak and @topicstoday accounts - And welcome to Steem!

14.01.2020 07:34

These look good, artists are always welcome.. so welcome to STEEM and Steemit from me.

14.01.2020 09:05

Thank you so much for the welcome (and the resteem) 😊

14.01.2020 15:42

Looks like you hit the jackpot!

14.01.2020 17:26

From these samples, I see your works are cool and sometimes funny, too! I like it! 🤗

Welcome to the community, I'll be following you and I hope you stick around.

Be warned that this platform is not easy for beginners. You have to endure through many months of near invisibility before you start seeing real results! 😉

14.01.2020 09:09

I am known to sometimes be funny! 😉 Thank you for the compliment, and I won't get discouraged too quickly.

14.01.2020 15:44

i like your art style! welcome to steemit by the way! how did you come to know about this platform if you dont mind me asking. :)

14.01.2020 12:40

Hi Andy! Thank you!

I found it from a discussion about the platform on reddit, and there was a link to a discord server for learning how to get started. I've had lots of help already! Lots of friendly and generous people here :)

14.01.2020 15:48

Yeah thats my impression too when i first got into steemit. The community of people here are very helpful and nice! Feel free to ask me anything if you need help!

15.01.2020 22:41

Welcome to Steemit! This is an amazing introduction and I can’t wait to see more from you. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

14.01.2020 13:18

Thank you so much, this is such a sweet comment. I’m happy to be here!

14.01.2020 15:50

Goodday and Welcome to the great community of Steemit,
Dear Ashley the creative......
YESS You are a new Steemian now!
I saw your #introduceyourself and its nice to meet you. We haven’t met before but that changes right now. Dont let all the replies and bots scare you.
Just comment if you get scared and i Will help out.
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I love blogging, But always be carefull with all your passwords, Never give those up !!

The Steemify App I use is great, it is available in the Appstore and free, go cheque it out. Or read this blog

I wish you good luck with steeming and I Will See you around🍀
Good luck with your journey and may you find here what you are looking for.
Just remember that all good things come in good time and never giving up is THE key to big succes on Steemit.

Please vote for a witness to. You have 30 votes and if you dont understand let me know and i Will help. Also you could join the SteemTerminal Discord.
Or visit @heyhaveyamet #HHYA and My friend @xcountytravelers for more newbies exposure in the beginning very important.

Let me know if this was helpfull or you need more help, I am in Discord too @ brittandjosie3488
Greeting from the Netherlands
@ Brittandjosie
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14.01.2020 14:30

Great intro Ashley, i enjoyed the animations, specially the first one and i am looking forward for more:) Welcome to Steem and i hope you ll have the best time here:)

14.01.2020 16:23

Thanks so much, George! The first animation is one of my favorites, too. I have a soft spot for mixed media - which seems to be your wheelhouse! :D love your work!

14.01.2020 23:12


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14.01.2020 16:28

Excellent introduction! feel free to drop a hello in the Introduction community too!

14.01.2020 18:14

Welcome to steemit @ashleypox.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

14.01.2020 19:31

First of all, welcome !! This must be the best introduction post I ever read on Steemit. What a way to start your journey on the platform. You clearly get it, and I'm quite sure your content will be well-received by many others. I will press the follow button and looking forward to your future content :)

14.01.2020 19:38

Wow, what a kind compliment! Thank you so much!

14.01.2020 23:13

Welcome to steemit! I hope you will be satisfied with this platform. Insane results for first post! You can check my profile if you are interested. Have a nice day!

14.01.2020 19:42

Thank you! So far, I'm loving it 😂 I can't believe how well-received it is. Here's hoping I can keep it up! :)

14.01.2020 23:15

Welcome Ashley, one of the bests introductions

14.01.2020 20:21

You certainly have talent as an artist! I'm glad you have shared your work with us and I look forward to seeing more of it on here.
You may find that you get a solid following here.

14.01.2020 20:30

Thank you! I'm still finding my artistic "voice" but it was nice for me to see where I've been. I hope I do! I'm really liking the platform thus far!

14.01.2020 23:17

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14.01.2020 21:49

Very cool! Welcome to Steemit! :)

14.01.2020 22:38

Thank you so much!

15.01.2020 04:53

excellent post , blesssing for you , i like the art and creativity

14.01.2020 23:24

Much appreciated 😁

15.01.2020 04:53

it's so amazing job. wellcome to Steemit.

15.01.2020 00:58

Thank you! I feel very welcome :)

15.01.2020 04:53

Welcome to Steemit!
You wrote a fantastic post. I follow you now.

15.01.2020 02:07

Thank you very much! 🙂

15.01.2020 04:54

Ashley, you are a pro. My art is nothing compared to yours.

15.01.2020 02:19

Art isn't a competition, friend! 😄 I hope you keep practicing and I will, too!

15.01.2020 04:56

Ashley, yes, practice makes perfect. Good idea.

15.01.2020 09:06

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final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

15.01.2020 02:55

Cool animations.. It was interesting to scroll down and know about you :) Welcome to the community!

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15.01.2020 03:24

Thank you so much! 😄

15.01.2020 04:56

Welcome to the Steem community @ashleypox, and that is an awesome introduction, and I would like to request permission to use this post in my series of #excellentblogpost as an example of a great post for writing and drawing and showing others what they can do rather than some of the posts they do put out.

15.01.2020 03:29

Wow, that’s amazing. Of course, please feel free! Thanks for asking! 😁

15.01.2020 04:57

Moved to the Hive platform.

15.01.2020 05:01

Welcome to the Steemit community Ashley @ashleypox!
So this is my regular comment as a tool and a reminder about a couple of basic suggestions on here...
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for and have found a new home here.

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Have fun and happy Steeming!

15.01.2020 06:40

Very well done!

15.01.2020 07:57

Outstanding introduction post my friend! I was able to find you from @jamerussell's #excellentblogpost and wow what an excellent choice he made. I wish you nothing but success and positive energy here!

@tipu curate

15.01.2020 08:05
15.01.2020 08:25

Thank you so much! I just read that post, it was so kind of him to share. Already loving the platform (but it’d be hard not so so far, huh?) ☺️

15.01.2020 20:18

Oh yes @jamerussell is cool like that. Conversely... you always have a home at the @steemterminal if you want...

15.01.2020 21:11
15.01.2020 08:06
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15.01.2020 08:06

Wow great 🙂👍

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15.01.2020 08:51

Trust me! You're going to be a millionaire! Highly creative and insightful!

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15.01.2020 10:29

15.01.2020 15:55

You're really awesome Ashley, welcome to Steem

15.01.2020 21:23

We are lucky to have you here!

15.01.2020 22:36

Welcome to Steem! You have taken the first step in achieving many goals here at the crossroads of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and social media. Consistent engagement is needed to progress and grow your following and influence. I am currently working on a weekly post to curate new users and providing them an introduction to the ecosystem. I have selected your post as one I will feature in an upcoming post! In addition, I have published a post that provides great references to assist you in your journey. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback!

15.01.2020 23:36

Wonderful content. Glad to have you on The Chain. Following with interest.

17.01.2020 00:47

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17.01.2020 01:17

Welcome to Steemit! It's really a great platform for the enthusiast writers and for the people who want to share their good work with the world! :):)

17.01.2020 08:37

Thank you so much! I’m very happy to be here 😄

17.01.2020 23:12

Thanks for the post.

18.01.2020 00:26