Photography Collection: Flowers - Part 07.


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centerdia/e8b7a39c-4494-46fd-b70c-1ba654c0d548)ntopaz-image-3ntopaz-image-4# Hello Steemians
I hope you're having a great day.

This is my 7th post in nTopaz.

Here I'm going to show 5 flower photography.

Let's see those photos.




centeCopyright Free - Not For Commercial Uses*

Camera Xiaomi
Camera Model Redmi Note 5
F-Stop f/1.9
Exposure Time 1/710 sec
ISO Speed ISO-100

We normally see this flower in winter season.
And this photo was captured at a winter morning.
Can you see dew drops on those leafs of the flower?
Can you feel the beauty?
I still can, really.


Original Photography/Copyright Free - Not For Commercial Uses

Camera |Flower


center--- | ---------
Camera Model | Redmi Note 5
F-Stop | f/1.9
Exposure Time | 1/126 sec
ISO Speed | ISO-100

We call this flower as "Suryamukhi Flower" while "Suryamukhi" means something that looks alike sun and this flower looks a lot like sun although the sun seems rounded from this surface.
I captured this photo from our National Martyrs Monument of Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Pea Flower

*Original Photography/Copyright FreFlower


centercial Uses*

Camera Xiaomi
Camera Model Redmi Note 5
F-Stop f/1.9
Exposure Time 1/378 sec
ISO Speed ISO-100

This is a very commong flower in our country although it doesn't get the respect as it deserves as it's a flower of a vegetable.
This flower is a wild one but it's far better than many other flowers that we buy from markets.

Mustard Flower

Original Photography/Copyright Free - Not For Commercial UsesTeak


---------- | ---------
Camera Model | Redmi Note 5
F-Stop | f/1.9
Exposure Time | 1/732 sec
ISO Speed | ISO-100

Well... now we're talking.
How is this one?
Isn't this flower mesmerizing?
Although I couldn't get a better photo but just look at it.
A small flower with a normal form but it can give much pleasure to living beings.
We collect mustard oil throuhg these plants.

Bastard Teak

Original Photography/Copyright Free - Not For Commercial Uses

Camera | Xiaomi
---------- | ---------
Camera Model | Redm.

This is all about this post.I hope you enjoyed those photographs.

Thiss is all about this post.I hope you enjoyed those photographs.

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Hermosa flor color amarilla, me transmite mucha energía, alegría y simboliza inteligencia y su color amarillo está relacionado con los sentimientos de amistad, del amor, éxitos y mucho misterio. Me encantó tu captura, buen ángulo y muy nítida. Mis saludos

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Muchas gracias.
Sí, esos colores amarillos son muy bonitos.

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