Tokoin ICO platform review

Tokoin is a platform that establishes digital business identity and MSME's reputation as an acceptable measure of trust for suppliers and financial institutions. Create a digital business identity for MSME that represents a valid business reputation.

Basic information about the token:
Token name: Tokoin Token
symbol6 TOKO
Soft cap: 8,000,000 US dollars
Hard cap: 25,000,000 US dollars
Quantity for sale: 700,000,000 TOKO
Country: India

Problems with high financing barriers
After the financial crisis, banks were skeptical of lending to MSMEs. They adhere to the generally accepted stereotype that MSMEs do not have enough cash flows to make loan payments. Overall, financial affordability is still low in emerging markets, as 70% of MSMEs still do not have access to financing opportunities. This is often explained by the fact that, as relatively new or small enterprises, most MSMEs do not have proper legal documentation, collateral and / or long-term credit history.

Difficulty in expansion
Most MSMEs do not produce enough to take advantage of economies of scale. They also have low order volumes, which means that they have little influence on suppliers and do not receive wholesale discounts. This leads to higher production and transaction costs compared to large enterprises, and unlike corporations in which entire departments are involved in procurement and finance, MSMEs have fewer resources to find the best suppliers or appropriate financing. International expansion is also problematic.

Lack of business support
For MMZ, these problems mean that they feel trapped in the high cost cycle, minimal financial support, and fierce competition. At the heart of this cycle is a lack of trust on the part of institutions that would have to support the IHR in order to sustain and grow. Suppliers do not trust them, banks do not trust them, and, ultimately, customers do not trust them. What is missing is MSME’s ability to build a reputation that builds trust and opens up a wide range of growth-enhancing services.

Через блокчейн-сеть можно проверять данные, связанные с бизнес-транзакциями, в экосистеме. TOKOIN использует данные, записанные в сети блокчейнов, в качестве действительного показателя деловой репутации. Другими словами, эта репутация будет строиться на покупательском поведении клиента в торговой деятельности, и эта информация станет важной частью профиля клиента. При таком подходе TOKOIN может преобразовать точную запись данных в ценный актив, который ММСП может использовать в качестве рычага для компенсации своих недостающих требований кредитования, таких как оценка надежности.

Цифровая идентификация
Отвечая потребностям авторитетной и действительной личности, Токоин использует цифровой сектор в качестве содействия и привилегий. Благодаря цифровому бизнес-идентификатору MSME может записывать и отслеживать свои бизнес-процессы в цифровой бухгалтерской книге, одновременно распределяя кредитный рейтинг, который они создают, другим партнерам в экосистеме Tokoin. Это децентрализованный характер блокчейна, где нет центральной точки власти, которая записывает данные. Применение технологии блокчейна в бизнес-процессе.

Digital Book
All transaction data from the MSME business transaction as a user will be stored in digital form and at the same time a computerized record called a digital ledger. Information from KYC to identify the initial business profile and more detailed information, such as cash flows, sales and revenues, and ordinary business purchases, is recorded as a valuable asset. This asset will also be compiled and processed, and it will be assigned a value in accordance with the depth of the information contained.

Service Provider
To help MSME, Tokoin is also supported by partners who provide financial and business
services, such as business loans and credit, insurance services, logistics, shipping and
warehousing. As a Tokoin user, MSME can choose business services based on their preferences as well as a development plan. For a service provider, this means that they can work closely with MSME, gaining access to their data and getting an overview of their potential customers.

Q4 2018
TOKOIN Token for private sale and pre-sale TOKOIN Wallet development and distribution.

Q1 2019
Grand Launch TOKOIN

Q2 2019
Built-in blockchain advisor for
TOKOIN POC ecosystem launched in TestNet

Q3 2019
On-board storage partners for the TOKOIN ecosystem On-
board financial partners for the TOKOIN ecosystem
Expanding local operations to 10 first-tier cities in Indonesia

Q4 2019
Launch the Data Reputation Engine.
Launch a data visualization platform. Launch the Partner Suite platform.
Onboard 50,000 users in the TOKOIN ecosystem.

Q1 2020
Launch the dApps app on MainNet.
Launch the TOKOIN POS system.
Launch the data exchange platform for the token accumulation program and the loyalty program.
Expand local operations in all capitals of Indonesia.
Onboard 10,000 users in the POS TOKOIN system.

Q2 2020
Launch the TOKOIN POS system.
Expansion of pilot hyperlocal operations in Thailand.
On board are 1,000 users in the TOKOIN ecosystem in the regional hyperlocal market.
Develop AI solutions for TOKOIN to scale operations.

Q3 2020
Expansion of local operations in Vietnam and the Philippines.
Onboard there are 500,000 users in the TOKOIN ecosystem in Indonesia.
Expanding local operations to the 10 largest first-tier cities in Indonesia.
Onboard 50,000 users in the TOKOIN ecosystem.

Q4 2020
Deployment of AI as part of business intelligence capabilities
Implementation of the forecasting and forecasting platform in the TOKOIN ecosystem

Additional information about the project:
White paper:
Telegram Chat: / tokoinglobal
Instagram: tokoinofficial
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