THALER – decentralized filter for the new ICO!

The world is an amazing thing. There are so many interesting and diverse things in it. It has countless possibilities and options for events. The combination of which, each time forms a new and improved solutions. What, in principle, we have already had the opportunity to observe, with the advent of modern technologies, namely Blockchain technology. I think it's no secret that this technology really has a number of advantages, as well as has special properties that make it special and at the same time unique.

However, despite all these advantages, its structure is still developing and self-improving. This growth dynamics is formed as technology, society's demands, as well as other spheres of influence that affect this area of technology in their projects grow. That is, if you now remember the days when the blockchain was born, with the world's first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it had a fairly narrow capabilities. Subsequently, over time, a new type of coins and another type of blockchain, faster and more easily scalable, and it is called Ethereum. Subsequently, there were many other blockchain networks, each of which is ready to demonstrate its distinctive features.

But despite such a pleasant growth dynamics and a positive aspect of the technology, many scammers began to abuse the trust of the audience, in particular investors who were particularly enthusiastic to invest in promising projects. Now, against the background of sad practice and a large number of accumulated fraudsters, the cryptocurrency market has somewhat stalled in its further development. As against the background of" beautiful " fraudulent projects, the most promising projects lose their voice and further opportunity for existence. Since investors have become extremely skeptical of all blockchain projects. That naturally causes its irreparable damage to the development, not only this technology, but also our modern society as a whole.

The team of specialists proposes to restore the balance and transparency of all procedures. The mission of which is to provide full and truthful information about all subsequent projects that have passed their evaluation. I wonder what I'm talking about? Then read on.

About the project and its advantages
As you may have guessed, the project I want to talk about now is a kind of platform that will be a decentralized verification filter. By means of which users, and in particular investors will be able to get the most reliable information about a particular project that has passed through the system – THALER. Simply put, THALER is a blockchain ecosystem with built-in filters, functions and parameters on the basis of which there will be a full analysis of other blockchain projects, with all the ensuing information references.

To implement such a validation, the founders THALER intends to use the successful verification algorithms, this will include such systems as: "judges", artificial intelligence, and PsP system information gathering (successfully used in judicial practice). Thanks to this combination, the developers of THALER will be able to provide the same high level of trust for their users and investors, which unfortunately could not be implemented before any other platform.

Features and principles of operation
Since THALER is aimed at further development of blockchain technology, in its ecosystem IT provides for the presence of its own token – TAL for all internal operations. Its presence implies not only the standard function bought/sold, but also voting. This function allows you to participate more democratically in the competition and more accurately determine the appropriate projects for investment. Moreover, the selected projects will be awarded the maximum evaluation of the jury, as well as the full participation of investors from the most active crypto users.

However, not all projects will be able to get into the THALER verification system. After all, even in order to get into it, each project must meet a number of requirements. For example, have a registration, a technical document, and fill out a special application form in the THALER system itself. Only after that it will be available for review for the masses of users of THALER system.

This principle intends to restore confidence in worthy cryptographic projects, as well as support the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world. After all, undoubtedly many of the tools offered by new projects are an integral solution to existing problems. Moreover, their actions are aimed at improving the state of our life.

The advent of blockchain structures, as THALER not news. I once wrote about such a resource. Nevertheless, the emergence of this platform has a number of its features and advantages, thanks to which it is able to withstand the existing competition, as well as to declare its capabilities to everyone. But, of course, to appreciate this kaleidoscope of opportunities and prospects from THALER, you will not be enough from me to read a brief review. Since beyond it lies a whole storehouse of useful and very interesting information. You can get acquainted with it by going to the section "official resources of the project". And on this I have all and until new reviews!

Official project resources THALER:

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