Erosion First Hypodeflationary Property Of Ethereum

So what is Eosion?
(EROS) Erosion is the first hypodeflationary ™ currency originally based on ethereum blockchain! Let me explain to you who doesn't know about Ethereum, ethereum is that Ethereum is a Blockchain platform with Smart Contract functionality. Developed by Vitalik Buterin in late 2013. ETH, also known as Ether, is the currency of Ethereum's Blockchain system. This is what you can trade on the current exchanges. In a nutshell: Ethereum is a Blockchain platform, and ETH is the monetary unit in the foundation of Ethereum. The blockchain is a database system that contains information, used to store information in linked information blocks, and is managed by everyone involved in the system, rather than on one side. 3rd individual such as state or central bank;

So what is the Erosion token? Erosion token (EROS) is a descending (deflationary) currency on the Ethereum blockchain. Initially, 10,000,000 EROS were created and will no longer be cast. Every time Eros is sent, 0.01% of the transaction disappears from the total FOREVER supply. A low 0.01% combustion amount allows these tokens to be much more feasible when used in dapps. With the following main features:

Hypodeflationary 0.01% write rate: During each transfer, 0.01% of the transaction will be burned and removed from existence. But EROS will have no minimum combustion, unlike bombs, EROS has 18 decimal points in the token contract, which allows for accurate transfer, EROS also does not burn more than 14 decimal places, meaning in the distant future , EROS will not cancel itself.
Dapp compatibility: The ERC20 standard protocol for easy Dapp integration while still providing the long-term benefits of deflation.
Supply up to 10 million: Only 10 million EROS tokens will be created. This supply will reduce the increase in overcapacity. Below is the supply index suggested:

  • Total supply of 10,000,000 EROS
  • Total Spacedrop- 8,000,000 EROS (80%)
  • Bounty total - 1,000,000 EROS (10%)
  • Other team + ( payment list, etc.) - 1,000,000 EROS (10%)
  • Decimals- 18
  • Burn roundoff - 14
  • Burn rate- 0.01% of each transaction token name - Echo token symbol - EROS
    Assets that do not self-destruct: EROS recorded to the 14th decimal level means that there will be a remaining supply after the recording process is completed.
    Ecosystem Dapp extends: EROS will be integrated into a large ecosystem of dapps that will help promote mass adoption.

With 10,000,000 EROS released to the market, how do Spacesrop / airdrops be distributed fairly? To solve this problem, Erosion has caused 8,000,000 EROS to be locked in a smart contract, will reduce 500 EROS for each address listed in the whitelist, to list your address, you will need to post your address (must be in any form before 30 days begin) and your twitter profile link (must forward the tweet pinned on EROS's official twitter account) to @ErosionSpacesrop. If the message passes these requests, the bot will instruct the user on how to receive airdrop! Each address or twitter account can only be used once. This reduction of space will only last for 2 months and if by the end of two months, any tokens left in the contract, they will be burned.

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