ArtzOne Thursday Curation - 07.25.2019


Welcome back, ArtzOne community, we have a special curation for you this Thursday. Out of the Six (6) artists we’re featuring today, Three of them are brand new—brand new as in their very first post on the platform. Please show them some community love, everyone appreciates motivation—thank you! The following Six (6) authors (in no particular order) put together exceptional content this week and it’s my pleasure to give them a #blockchain feature on behalf of @artzone.

Cheers! @dandays.

Today’s featured artists will each receive a 100% Upvote from @artzone and @artzone.curators—congratulations!

Our first feature this Thursday is brand new to the platform, she’s @kovayan1977 from Kyiv, Ukraine. This is her introduction post featuring five original pieces of art, each worthy of a cover image—this is an impressive introduction, Kovayan, welcome to #steemit! Check it out:

Hello, Big Steemit Family💖



Iván Cañas Pinturas of Mérida, Venezuela, has only been on the platform for six weeks and, in that time, he’s shared one original art piece per day. This feature is a YouTube tutorial, filmed by his son, that focuses on his techniques—check it out:

Promotional video of the artist Iván Cañas



Whitemuffinsh has only been on the platform for two days and shares with us this introduction post—a graphite pencil drawing of a bird, complete with progress pictures. Welcome to #steemit, Whitemuffinsh! Check it out:

drawing bird , naghashiye parande



Knitsfire has only been on the platform for four days—this color pencil drawing is her introduction post. It’s a great drawing with exceptional detail, complete with progress pictures—welcome to #steemit, @knitsfire! Check it out:

* Levi Ackerman * - Drawing - animated character



Richardfyates, of Longview, Washington USA, is very active on the platform releasing original content daily. This feature is a yard sale article where, although he didn’t sell too many paintings, he made some new friends and got to know his neighbors a little better—check it out:

"Yard Art Sale is Underway!!!"



Our final feature this Thursday is by Hey Valiom, of Caracus City, Venezuela. She describes having these monsters in her life and, as time passed, she was able to put them behind her. She now uses their images as inspiration for silk screen designs on t-shirts—check it out:

Roots 0212 // Saca tu monster a dar un paseo... Take ur monster out
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Heeey, so cool to meet u and thank u very much for that featured. I am abble to make a collab to u @artzone . I'll be paying attention. See ya.

25.07.2019 14:41

awesome artwork ;)

25.07.2019 21:56