ArtzOne Thursday Curation - 07.11.19


Welcome back ArtzOne community! It’s time for another #quality Thursday curation, let’s do this! The following Six (6) authors (in no particular order) put together exceptional content this week and I’m pleased to give them a #blockchain feature on behalf of @artzone.

Cheers! @dandays.

Today’s featured artists will each receive a 100% Upvote from @artzone and @artzone.curators—congratulations!
Sweettais, a name you’ll recognize for her vibrant prismacolor artwork is at it again. This time with a DIY necktie she painted for her brother with machine washable paint—check it out:

[CO] Painted tie in the African style


Sabrina Perez, of Venezuela, takes us on a marine biology tour studying pelicans. I found it particularly interesting the birds are able to filter salt water into fresh drinking water—check it out:

The Pelican.


Next is an Archer drawing submitted to this competition. Sarau transforms a male archer image she found online into a woman by using a unique ink pen technique to close in her watercolor paint—check it out:

Drawing with a twist: Bow and paint brush: Archery


Roinujx, of Puerto La Cruz, got me to open up my translation app again. This is a freestyle drawing inspired by “sirens” from the popular movie series, Pirates Of The Caribbean—check it out:

Dibujo libre / Temática Océano


Next is a multi-talented artist who’s young to the platform, Alex Krasnov, from Ukraine. This graphite pencil drawing is of his former guitarist, together with his wife, with a detailed set of progress pictures—check it out:

A painting of my former guitarist, with his wife


Our final feature this Thursday is #music. I won’t typically feature a musician because we have plenty of musician curators for that. However, I couldn’t help but click on this young lady in a hijab, holding an electric guitar, covering B.y.o.b. by System Of A Down. @wahu, from @esteem—she nailed it! Check it out:

Gadis Berhijab Penakluk Musik Metal ( Melsick Screamoannie )



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