ARTZONE Music Curation | Hearts beating in Spanish!

Hi Artzonians!

I'm @Eugelys :)

Today I want to share with all of you beautiful melodies made by hearts that beat in Spanish.

Entries in no particular order

Alegría - Instrumental Acústica (Original) | @elisonr13

This melody is called "Joy" and that's exactly what Elison conveys with her notes floating in the air and caressing hearts. Very beautiful!

Canto de Hadas-Instrumental (Original) | @mariajruizb

What a nice combination between the guitar and the voice this couple have made, always surprising with their talent. A fairy song!

La Mujer Perfecta - Kurt (Cover) | @ilazramusic

A beautiful story has this song that speaks of loving beyond physical appearance, the voice of Ilazramusic always sweet and melodious. Great!

Tu Refugio (Cover) | @origen1618

What a beautiful, emotional, romantic song. That feature of flamenco in his voice makes your voice shine. A lot of feeling in your interpretation!

Samaritano (Cover) | @minuetoacademy

A beautiful voice with a wonderful sound, a deep lyrics that talks about brotherhood and the good Samaritan. Wonderful!

I hope you enjoy it!

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