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The Diary Game| Better Life with Steem| Feb-22, Monday


Good Morning...
Today was a little different than usual. As I told yesterday I was at the temple with my friends sleeping in a car. When I woke up, it was 4 a.m. morning. First I was amazed that I am dreaming in sleep. Then I realised everything. I called all my friends because to wake them too, because the traditionally the time to go to the temple is early at the morning in our country.


Then we all went to a public paid toilet brushing the teeth and had a bath there. After we put on the dresses that had well packed before and went to the temple.

There was not allowed to wander more as the Covid-19 protocol strictly prohibits that here. But we spent more time near the temple just chatting each other. When it was 9am we had our breakfast in a hotel. After half an hour we got in the car back to home. Honestly I slept in the car while returning.


Good Afternoon...
By the time 1pm we reached hometown bu all went to friend's house and got the lunch there.
Because of this trip all my friends who got jobs had already took leave for this day. So we decided to go to the theatre for a movie named Dhrishyam-2 which was of local language. For that I booked 4 tickets online and spent some more time at my friend's house. We went to the theatre at the evening, 10 minutes before the movie started we all reached there and got our seets.


Good Evening....

The movie, which was of 2 hour long was a thriller and fantastic one. I loved it very much. At 8pm we reched back to home. Everybody returned to each houses and I reached mine. I was very sleepy as of little sleep yesterday. Then I checked steemit and crypto rates using mobile. I got so amazed because the values were showing a downward trend.
Whatever after dinner at 9pm I went to bed.

🌇Good night everybody💤

Let's coect on

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