Welcome to my entry for the contest of @anomadsoul.

Encourage to participate and tell us what a day of your life is like.

Like most, intense sleep 8 hours or more. The truth is that for today, last night I had stayed up late watching a movie. That is why my face should look pretty worn out. Ignoring all those details. I woke up beautifully, my first thoughts are always to thank God for allowing another day of life. I appreciate that I have a bed and pillow where to slp.


he hardesest part of the day for me is getting up to make breakfast. MY mind tries a little to get used to it, I usually skip it and eat at 9am. Before that I clean and fix my room. I am quite forgetful, I try to have things in order because otherwise I never find anytng.


his accomccompanies it with an infusion of tea of ​​".." with its corresponding r.


his plantlant is famous for being incredibly aromatic and contains healing propes.


imagine ine that perhaps many of you dear readers are not familiar with this type of breakfast. Leave contracts to those who don't know. The dish that I put in my mouth is a humble dish. It consists of a tuber called "Yucca" and melted ch.


am readyeady to leave home, I feel the fresh air and try to tolerate the sun's rays. This one of the main streets to get out of my urbm.


show yow you my neighbod




k, ok

Ok, ok ok I know it's not the best of all selfies. I know that in social networks there are more beautiful women than me. But we go! This is about showing what a usual, real day is like without filters or applications to promote beauty. Further!

Who can have a great picture when the sun int?


his neg)
This neighbor, whenever he does some delicacy with his coconut harvme.


here 6.jpg)

Where I live most of the time, my town is called "PUNTA DE MATA". Monagas State, is a livestock state but mostly its income depends on trade and the oil industry. The oil extrusion bonnets are located on the outskirts of the town, too bad that I don't have to move there.

If not, I will u.


tell youg)

I tell you that tomorrow I have to go to the capital of my state called "MATURIN". It's about 3 hours from where I am. I had to wait for the banks to open, in order to get some cash to pay for public transportation. Normally Venezuelans should go to get money from several banks on the same day. This happens because the amounts of the bills are low compared to the high inflation. It takes many tickets to ps.



I don't waste my time and rk.



Today's goal was achieved. I went to two bank states and got the cash for the days of stay in "maturin". For those who ask. I tell you that I rent a room there, I'm still a student and I'm trying to get a degree from a public university. The days of the week he spent working there and trying to meet the university. It is quite hard to do both, I do not receive financial help from any government plan and my parents only have enough resources to keep themselves alone. From the age of 16 I stay alone, I always thank God because in spite of that nothing is missing. I invite you to value what they have, wherever tg.


s I wa7.jpg)
As I was late with the morning errands, I went quickly to a butcher shop to bh.


ltered lijpg)

Altered liver with rice ce.



Already in the middle of the afternoon, after resting a while my neighbor calls and gives me these lamp bases that she does not use. I have the freedom to do what I can think of with them. I made the decision that I .



fter o7955.jpg)

After cleaning it, remove all the dust and spread oil paint since I don't have acry.



n theoto7957.jpg)

In the following photo and I have a first layer of paintings, this is for those who know that the oil takes a long time to dry. I plan to continue it. These are just the first phases of what I plan to do with s.







Jajajajjaa as we are still in January and I have not saved the Christmas lights. These will help me to have an idea of ​​how the painting looks whet.

httpon it.


he matVyywfN/Foto7964.jpg)
The matter with the lamps will take a break, there are other things that should also be done before traveling. Only here I have internet. When I'm there, I can't publish on steemit. That is why it sometimes disappears. I'm not proud of that, but I shouy.

httpd study.


am VwtUAmjN/Foto7968.jpg)

I am trying to design my entry for the artexplation contest, whose tea is mythology. I decided to base my entry on "The legend of leviathan, a great marine show". Beho..

httping ...


I never really win prizes, but I don't want to lose the cost. I like to face challenges and so when they are artistic subjects where I must y.

httpy entry today.




After that matter, approaching dinner and bedtime. I started to make some ice creams I plan to leave in the frízer. As I return the weekende.

httpgood time.



My dinner was again "yuc.

httph fillet.


The reXtZXknvwCd/Foto7974.jpg)

The rest of the night was dedicated to accommodate the suitcases. As I must leave early tomorrow, I decided to edit and write this post. Thank you very much for the opportunity to opt for a prize. it was fun. I almost never shot him a photo.

The normal thing of today was made special because of this pass.


I want to tell you that this work was an open invitation, you can always resume what you like to do, what causes you interest, constantly restructure, return to our lives with a sincere smile, because the inventiveness for me is invaluable and is what differentiates Authenticity of each individual as an artist in their inspiring moments of intellectuar>




I hope you like it and I want to meet you too.
See you in the next post.


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Espero la disfruten. <3

28.01.2020 06:52

Your post has inspired me to do more with my day. I also love your neighborhood 😉

28.01.2020 08:45

My heart rejoices, if it was an inspiration to you. It fills me to tell you. Greetings Thanks a lot.

01.02.2020 18:52

What a day! you've accomplished so much in less than 24 hrs ! inspire me to move my bum and socialize.

29.01.2020 05:36

Good thing this motivates you to use the precious hours you have. Greetings and may you have many blessings from God.

01.02.2020 18:54

Well said!

03.02.2020 16:10

Hola @artmedina que bonito tu dia, me gusto que dijeras paso ma paso como transcurrio.

Un saludo de otra paisana, sigamos soñando y teniendo esperanza y sobre todo siendo agradecidas. Que Dios te bendiga.

30.01.2020 01:29

hola, linda. Gracias por tan bellas palabras. las guardaré en mi corazón. Bendiciones!!

01.02.2020 18:52